Four-Month-Old Kitten Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A four-month-old kitten named Thor saved his family from carbon monoxide poisoning, the Farmington Hills Fire Department said.

The Stamper family suffered a power outage on August 30 and turned on a gas generator to power their appliances. During the night, the garage door closed and the generator began pumping carbon monoxide into their home as they slept.

Luckily, Thor realized something was wrong and woke up Heidi Stamper with a “screeching cry.” Heidi noticed Thor looked sick and took him outside.

The young kitten began to recover and Heidi went back inside. While she soon lost consciousness, Thor remained awake and was able to wake up the family’s two children, Paige and Quinn. The kids were able to get their parents outside and called 911.

The family was rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined that Heidi and her children needed specialized care. The three were airlifted to another hospital and continue to deal with medical issues.

After the terrifying incident, the family and their neighbors have installed carbon monoxide detectors.

“This is a frightening example of how carbon monoxide can accumulate quickly and potentially be fatal,” said Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh. “Fortunately, this incident had a positive ending, but we hope all families will learn from the Stampers and keep their generators outside.”

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