Florida Man Crushed To Death By Bulldozer While Using Porta-Potty

A Florida man was crushed to death while using a porta-potty at a landfill in Polk County. Authorities identified the victim as Aaron Henderson, 43, who worked at the landfill as a spotter, directing trucks as they dumped their trash.

On Friday (March 4), a bulldozer was driving up an embankment to park for the night. As the driver went up the embankment, he had to elevate the front blade, which blocked his view. As he turned the bulldozer, he heard a crushing sound and realized he had run over a porta-potty.

“He immediately exited the bulldozer and ran towards the porta-potty to see if anyone was inside of it,” the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “At that time, he observed Henderson unresponsive inside.”

The driver told investigators that he did not realize there was a porta-potty near the staging area and that he couldn’t see it because he had to raise the blade as he drove up the embankment.

Officials said the incident was a “tragic, industrial accident” and the first time that somebody had died at the landfill.

“Last night’s incident was a tragic accident,” said Martha Santiago, board chair for North Central Landfill, according to Newsweek. “Our board asks that you keep the family and friends of the deceased in your thoughts and prayers.”

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