Florida Couple Arrested For Allegedly Torturing Man For 3 Days

Authorities in Florida arrested a couple accused of kidnapping and torturing a man for three days. Police said that Occius Dorsainvil, 56, and Marie Dorsainvil, 52, lured the victim, who was not identified, to an apartment complex in Miami and chained him up.

They beat him and forced him to record a video admitting he cheated on his wife with Marie. They also told him if he went to the bathroom, they would force him to eat it.

On the second day, they demanded $50,000 from the victim and forced him to sign over the title to his car. On the third day, the couple forced the man to take a shower at gunpoint and then took him with them as they drove to pick up his car, which was parked a few blocks away.

Before letting the man go, they made him drink a concoction containing rum and bleach, which made him pass out. When he woke up roughly 30 minutes later, he ran to get help.

“Somebody came out of the vehicle running towards me, and he looked like he was shot or stabbed, but it actually was just blood from the vomiting that occurred,” a good Samaritan who helped the man told WSVN.

The victim was hospitalized in an unknown condition.

Occius and Marie were taken into custody on multiple charges. Occius was charged with attempted second-degree murder, kidnapping, grand theft auto, tampering, extortion, and robbery and is being held on a $50,000 bond. His wife was charged with attempted second-degree murder, kidnapping, grand theft auto, and robbery and remained jailed on a bond of $35,000.

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