FBI Investigating ‘Delta Karen’ After Video Shows Her Assault Passenger

In footage of the incident, that has since gone viral, Cornwall is shown telling them man, “Put your f***ing mask on.”

After he refused to comply, a maskless Cornwall is shown telling him to “stand your a** up,” to which he replies, “Sit down Karen!” During this time, flight crew members are shown approaching the two in an attempt to calm the situation down. However, tensions rise as Cornwall demands that the crew, “Tell him to mask up!”

While a flight crew member tells Cornwall to put on her mask, the 80-year-old passenger tells Cornwall, “You put your mask [on], b**ch.” She then responds, “Did you call me a b***h?”

After the passenger doubles down on his comment, saying, “Yes I did,” Cornwall is shown hitting him and spitting in his face.

Cornwall was then taken into police custody upon arrival at the airport.

The Atlanta Police Department told TMZ “both passengers and Delta employees were injured” during the altercation. Authorities also said they detained Cornwall and “contacted the FBI after gathering statements and observing visible evidence.” She was later taken into federal custody.

Cornwall’s flight attack isn’t her first run-in with the law. Just last month, she was arrested for DUI after crashing her car into a tree in California, TMZ. According to the outlet, when Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, Cornwall “became belligerent, refusing to ID herself.” At one point she even “went after” after officials.

“Once we stopped her she tried to fight us. At that point, she was detained for her safety and ours,” read the police report.

Cornwall’s breath reportedly “smelled of alcohol, she had slurred speech and her face was flushed.” She refused to take a breathalyzer and failed the field sobriety test.

Her court date is set for January 5th.

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