Father, Daughter Wanted In Connection With Girl Scout Cookie Scam

Authorities in New York are looking for a father and daughter who are going door to door and scamming residents on Long Island. The Suffolk County police said that the duo claimed they were taking orders for Girl Scout cookies and demanding money on the spot, with a promise to deliver the cookies at a later date.

One of the victims, Kevin Zasowski, told WABC that a young girl who was five or six knocked on his door to sell him the cookies while her father watched from the street smoking a cigarette. He said he forked over $20 for four boxes on April 22 but never received them.

Zasowski said he wasn’t upset about getting scammed out of $20. Instead, he’s more worried about what values the father is teaching his young daughter.

“It’s not the money. It’s not the cookies. It’s what this gentleman is teaching his daughter. A life of crime like this,” Zasowski said. “The real victim is that little girl.”

Officials said they have received at least 11 reports of people who have been scammed by the pair.

The Girl Scouts of Suffolk County said that it would honor all orders that were placed and urged local residents to call the police if they were victimized by the pair.

“The Girl Scout Council of Suffolk County was saddened to learn that somebody would use the inherent goodwill of the Girl Scouts to take money from their neighbors under false pretenses,” the organization said in a statement.

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