Exit Polls Show Inflation Is Top Issue For Voters, Followed By Abortion

Preliminary exit polls showed that the biggest concern for voters as they headed to the polls on Election Day was inflationABC News reported.

Thirty-two percent of voters said that inflation was the most important issue when making their decision on who to vote for. Abortion came in second, with 27% of voters ranking it as the single most important issue to them. Crime, gun violence, and immigration rounded out the list of top concerns for voters.

Almost half of the voters who backed a Republican House candidate said that inflation was their top issue. Meanwhile, 44% of those who voted Democrat cited abortion as the central issue in the election.

Voters were pessimistic about the economy, with 75% saying it is in bad shape, a 44-point jump from 2018. In addition, 46% of voters said they are in worse financial shape than they were two years ago. Roughly 60% of the voters cited the rising price of gas as a significant hardship.

The exit polls showed that voters trust the Republicans to tackle inflation by an eight-point margin of 52% to 44% over the Democrats.

While abortion wasn’t the top issue for many voters, 60% said they believe it should be legal in most cases, a nine-point increase from 2020.

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