Eagle Saved After Getting Stuck On Lightning Rod Atop 120-Foot Radio Tower

giant bald eagle was rescued after getting stuck on a lightning rod atop a 120-foot-tall radio tower. Officials at St. George Elementary in MacClenny, Florida, contacted the police after seeing the bird flailing its wings and unable to break free.

The MacClenny Fire and Rescue Department said they worked with wildlife authorities at the scene and determined that somebody would have to climb to the top of the tower and free the bird by hand.

An engineer was raised up to 100 feet using the bucket in the fire truck and then secured himself to the tower so he could manually climb the remaining 20 feet.

Once at the top, he managed to free the eagle, which flew down to the ground, where it was captured by wildlife officials. The eagle was taken for treatment, but the department did not provide an update on its health.

” Great job, fellas. We are extremely proud of you, and what a call. To be up close to America’s symbol of freedom, what a memory,” the department wrote on Facebook.

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