Driver Fleeing Police Kills A Grandmother, Injures 4 Others

A driver fleeing from police in New York City struck four people, killing one of them. Authorities said that officers tried to pull over the driver because they had mismatched license plates and were believed to be smoking marijuana.

The driver initially pulled over but then sped away as officers approached the vehicle on foot. The driver hit two pedestrians and a person on a bicycle. The driver continued at a high rate of speed and t-boned a car at the next intersection before hitting another pedestrian on the sidewalk.

Officials said that 67-year-old Lynn Christopher was killed, and her eight-year-old grandson was hospitalized in critical condition. Three others were also injured and are in stable condition. 

The New York City Police Department said it has one suspect in custody but did not say what charges they were facing. It is unclear if that person was the driver or passenger.

“I really hope they find the person responsible for plowing into five people and injuring some, and killing my mom and hurting my nephew because nobody deserves that. And for them to just hit them and just run? It’s cowardly. It makes no sense,” Lesley Christopher, the victim’s daughter, told WABC. “And my mom just believed in the goodness of people, and for this to happen to her doesn’t make any sense at all.”

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