Dole Salad Mixes Recalled Because They May Contain Poisonous Plant

Dole announced a recall of two brands of salad mixes because they might be contaminated with a poisonous plant. The company said that 16 oz. packages of Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix and 11 and 5 oz. packages of Marketside Spring Mix may contain hairy nightshade. The recall includes over 1,600 cases of the salad mixes, which were sold at retailers in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Nightshade is toxic and can be fatal if ingested. According to Colorado State University’s Guide to Poisonous Plants, nightshade can cause a variety of issues, including diarrhea, muscle tremors, slow heart rate, labored breathing, and kidney failure.

There have been no reports of adverse reactions to eating the salad.

Dole said that it began removing the packages from store shelves in May and that they are unlikely to still be available. The company advised consumers that may have the salad mixes in their refrigerators to throw them out immediately.

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