Dog Leads Rescuers To His Owner Who Fell 70 Feet While Hiking In California

The Nevada County Search and Rescue was able to rescue a 53-year-old hiker thanks to his dog, a border collie named Saul. The man was hiking in rural Nevada County when he slipped and fell.

Despite suffering a broken hip and ribs in the 70-foot fall, he managed to find a location with cell phone service the next day. He called 911, and a 25-person rescue team was dispatched to look for him.

As the crews searched the woods, Saul ran 200 yards through the forest toward the rescue workers. “In true Lassie fashion,” Saul then led them back to his owner, who was covered in a tarp.

“At first, we didn’t believe it because it sounded like a movie,” Sgt. Dennis Haack of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue told KCRA. “When they came back and actually described it to us, the reality was that they had followed the dog directly to the victim.”

“[Saul] was jumping up and down and spinning around in circles,” Haack said. “He took them right to the victim.”

The rescuers transported him to a helicopter that was waiting about half a mile away. He was then airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Officials have not provided any information on his condition.

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