Defiant Putin Vows That Russia Will Complete Its Goals In Ukraine

A defiant Vladimir Putin told French President Emmanuel Macron that he has no plans to let up on his country’s attack against Ukraine. The two world leaders spoke for 90 minutes and discussed the ongoing invasion and resulting humanitarian crisis.

Over one million Ukrainians had fled their home country after Russia launched an invasion last week. 

The call left Macron and French officials concerned that “the worst is to come” in Ukraine.

“Our analysis of the military operations is that the Russian ambitions are to take control of all of Ukraine,” a senior official told reporters after the call had concluded.

Meanwhile, Russia issued a statement after the call, which was held at the request of the Kremlin, saying that the “special operation” in Ukraine is going “according to plan.” The statement explained that Putin reiterated his terms to bring an end to the hostilities.

“Vladimir Putin outlined in detail the fundamental approaches and conditions in the context of negotiations with representatives of Kyiv. It was confirmed that, first of all, we are talking about the demilitarisation and neutral status of Ukraine so that a threat to the Russian Federation will never emanate from its territory,” Russia said in a statement after the two leaders spoke.

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