Death Toll Rises In South Korea Halloween Crowd Crush

At least 153 people have died and 103 are injured after being crushed in a crowd during a Halloween event in Seuol, South Korea on Sunday (October 30).

Most of the victims are reported to be in their 20s, the National Fire Agency confirmed via, ABC News.

Officials anticipated more deaths and injuries to be reported when they provided their previous totals of 120 deaths and 100 injuries on Sunday.

The Yongsan Fire Department announced the updated total of 153 deaths and 103 injuries — which includes 23 in critical condition and 79 with less severe injuries — in relation to the crowd surge at the event, which included thousands of attendees participating in Halloween festivites at a popular nightlife district.

Two American citizens were reported to be among the casualties.

“Our staff in Seoul and colleagues in the United States are working tirelessly to provide consular assistance to the victims of last night’s incident and their families,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Seoul said via NBC News on Sunday.

The embassy didn’t provide additional details about the American victims, according to NBC News.

The Yongsan Fire Department said other foreign victims included individuals from  China, Iran, France, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Austria and Kazakhstan.

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