Convicted Murderer Escapes Prison 3rd Time, Caught When Runs Out Of Gas

A Mississippi inmate convicted of murder managed to escape prison for a third time over the weekend before being recaptured after the vehicle he stole ran out of gas, authorities confirmed via CBS News.

Michael Floyd Wilson, 51, was caught in coastal Harrison County, which is located at least 130 miles from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in which he was being held, over the weekend.

Wilson, who is also known as ‘Pretty Boy Floyd,’ had previously escaped custody twice during the past two decades of his sentencing.

State Department of Corrections officials also confirmed about a dozen prison employees were suspended as they failed to notify the department of Wilson’s disappearance for more than a day.

Sheriff Troy Peterson confirmed in a news release obtained by CBS News that Wilson was found driving a vehicle reported stolen from a woman in a neighboring country when he was recaptured.

“He was riding in a car with a lady that had picked him up to give him a ride and she realized he was probably going to hijack her car because he kept looking at the gas gauge,” Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain said in a joint press conference shared on the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ Facebook page on Tuesday (February 16).

Wilson was attempting to speed away from police officers when the car ran out of gas.

Cain confirmed Wilson is being moved to a different facility, noting that the prisoner will “have a hard time getting away from us there.”

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