Continued Russian Attacks Halt Evacuation Of Ukrainian Cities For 2nd Day

Thousands of civilians remained trapped in the Ukrainian cities of Mariupol, Volnovakha, and Kyiv, as Russian forces continued to attack civilian areas despite an earlier ceasefire meant to allow people to evacuate.

“Thousands of people found themselves in isolation because of direct hostilities, and in some places, for 5-6 days, they survive without electricity, water, food, medical help, and means of subsistence. They are in direct danger,” the Kyiv Regional Military Administration said.

An evacuation crossing point in a suburb of Kyiv was hit by a Russian artillery attack, causing massive damage and killing at least two children.

The governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said the continued attacks forced them to halt their efforts to evacuate civilians.

“Evacuation convoy with local residents was never able to leave Mariupol today: the Russians began to regroup their forces and heavy shelling of the city. It is extremely dangerous to evacuate people in such conditions,” Kyrylenko said on Facebook.

The International Committee of the Red Cross called on Russia to stop attacking so that civilians could be evacuated.

“Today, our team began opening up the evacuation route from Mariupol before hostilities resumed. We remain in Mariupol and are ready to help facilitate further attempts — if the parties reach an agreement, which is for them alone to implement and respect,” the ICRC said on Twitter.

“People in Mariupol and in other places across #Ukraine are living in desperate situations. They must be protected at all times. They are not a target. People urgently need water, food, shelter. The basics of life. We need safety guarantees to be able to bring them aid.”

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