Christmas Day Newborn Shares Birthday With Mother, Grandfather

A Bellingham, Massachusetts newborn not only had the distinction of being born on Christmas Day, but also shares his December 25th birthday with loved ones in two separate generations.

Eun Ji Jang told CBS Boston she and her late father already shared December 25th birthdays and her newborn son, Noel, named fittingly for his Christmas Birthday, makes three generations born on the same day.

“They induced me on the 24th and he came out on the 25th. He became another Christmas baby in the family,” Jang said

Jang said she feels like her son is heaven sent, possibly even meeting his grandfather on the way to his birth.

“Actually, my dad passed away a couple of years ago from cancer. Every time my birthday comes, I think of my dad. Now I have another special person to remember. I’m sure he’s happy and looking down,” Jang said.

Eun Ji and her husband, Kyung, are both physicians at hospitals in the Bellingham area and the couple said welcoming a healthy son was pure joy after working through months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been tough for everyone in the community and worldwide. At least for us we have a little present from God, that we can celebrate with our baby,” Kyung told CBS Boston.

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