Boys Save Drowning Dad Using CPR They Learned From Watching ‘The Sandlot’

Brad Hassig is lucky to be alive and has his twin ten-year-old boys and the 1993 movie The Sandlot to thank. Hassig was performing routine breathing exercises in his pool when he blacked out.

“I noticed that he wasn’t OK because he was laying on his side, and his face was starting to turn blue,” his son, Christian, told NBC’s TODAY.

Christian, along with his brother Bridon and their neighbor, Sam Ebert, jumped into the pool and dragged Brad, who weighs 185 pounds, to the steps of the pool and managed to lift him out of the water.

“Me and Sam dove into the water and grabbed one arm and pulled him next to the steps,” Bridon said.

“With the water, it makes it lighter, and luckily we are strong swimmers,” he added.

The boys had to flag down a passing car to call 911 but knew their father was in trouble because he wasn’t breathing. Luckily, they remembered the iconic scene from The Sandlot in which one of the young boys, Squints, pretends to drown and then kisses the female lifeguard as she performs CPR.

As the boys desperately performed CPR on their father, he started spitting water just as the paramedics arrived.

“I heard ‘daddy, daddy come back,'” Hassig said. “Everyone was everywhere. There were first responders,” Hassig said. “It was crazy.”

Hassig is glad that his two sons and their neighbor were able to save him, though he believes God helped the boys get him out of the water.

“There’s no way physically they should have been able to pull a 185-pound man out of the water like that,” he said. “And to know and do what all of them did perfectly, as quickly, no lack of action, to run as fast as they did, it’s God’s hand was all over it.”

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