Boston Student’s Apartment Fills With Snow After Window Is Left Open

A Boston University student’s lapse caused her room to be filled with snow during a recent winter storm.

Daily Mail reports the student, Ashlyn, left her window open a “crack” before being snowed in while staying with at her boyfriend’s place during Winter Storm Kenan over the weekend.

Ashlyn’s roommate detailed the accident on her TikTok account @youaintseenothingg in a video captioned, ‘The consequences of leaving your apartment window open during a Boston blizzard,” which has since gotten 2.5 million views.

The video shows begins with a quote from her roommate asking “why is it so cold in our apartment.”

The video then shows multiple text conversations in which one roommate, Bella, points out that there’s snow in her room.

A second conversation with Ashlyn includes her admitting she “left one window open a crack” before asking the TikTok user to use her spare key to check the room.

The video then shows two of the women entering the snow-filled room and several shots of the aftermath.

The bedroom is blanketed with snow with about an inch or two covering the floor, as well as Ashlyn’s desk, chair and a pair of shoes on the floor.

The roommates are also shown in the video holding a dustpan as they try to clean up the snow.

The TikTok user responded to a comment saying Ashlyn is from California and not used to the Northeastern snow storms.

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