Bob Saget’s Family Files Lawsuit

This week, Bob Saget‘s family filed a lawsuit to block the release of records surrounding the actor’s sudden death.

Saget died on January 9 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando. His death was determined to be accidental, caused by falling and hitting his head. The actor wasn’t aware of the severity of the injury and went to sleep, but died in his slumber due to a brain bleed. Recently, more details have come to light following the release of Saget’s autopsy report by the chief medical examiner of Orange County, Florida, and it has led to more questions. Apparently, his injury was significant, and has been compared to being hit with a baseball bat or falling 30 feet. This is what has caused Saget’s family to file an injunction.

Bob’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters, have petitioned Orange County and the medical examiner to stop the release of any further information about his death. They want to ensure that no photos, videos or audio recordings come out, and that “statutorily protected autopsy information” remains private.

In the lawsuit, which was obtained by ABC News, lawyers explained, “Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress if Defendants release the Records in response to public records requests or otherwise disseminate the Records for any other reason or purpose.”

Meanwhile, some experts are asking if his death was investigated enough since, in the words of CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the injury was “not a simple bump on the head.” Meanwhile, former Assistant US Attorney Richard Signorelli questioned the medical examiner’s finding that there was no foul play involved. He tweeted, “No wrongdoing found. Something doesn’t make sense given his severe head injuries.”

There might not be any more details though – per the lawsuit, the records around Saget’s death should be considered “exempt from disclosure to the public.” No word yet on when the court will make a decision on the injunction.

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