Blood Trail Leads Cops To Man Accused Of Stuffing Dead Roommate In Suitcase

Police officers in Tennessee tracked down a suspect accused of murdering his roommate by following a trail of blood to his front door. Authorities received a report that a man was dragging a suitcase through an alley in Memphis, Tennessee.

The witness told police the man tried to put it in the dumpster, but it was too heavy. When he realized he was being watched, the suspect fled the scene. When police arrived, they discovered the suitcase contained the remains of 63-year-old Bruce Jefferies.

An autopsy revealed he died of blunt force trauma.

The officers noticed a blood trail and followed back to a nearby apartment complex. When investigators went inside, they found signs of a struggling including broken glass and blood in the bedroom. They also found bloody clothes in the washing machine and another suitcase similar to the one left in the alley.

They identified the suspect as Julian Summers, 30, and took him into custody on charges of second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse. Officials said that Summers lived with Jefferies for two years, but investigators have not determined a motive for the killing.

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