Blizzard Conditions Expected As Major Winter Storm Blows Across Central US

Americans across the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains can expect dangerous weather this weekend and early next week as masses of warm and cold air collide over the middle of the country, forming severe storms that could impact millions of people.

The storms are forecast to bring blizzard-like conditions to the Rockies, while those living east of the mountains could see severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The storms could also produce wind gusts of up to 90 mph.

Forecasters are predicting the storms will dump between 6-12 inches of snow across parts of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. Some areas could see up to 30 inches of snow.

Depending on the track the storm takes, North and South Dakota could see blizzard-like conditions and heavy snowfall on Monday.

As the cold air moves East across the Rockies, it will clash with the warm air and a system of moisture moving up from the Gulf Coast, bringing severe weather to areas of Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Idaho, and northern Texas.

“The thunderstorm threat includes the full spectrum of severe weather ranging from localized flash flooding and large hail to the likelihood of powerful wind gusts and the potential for a few tornadoes,” AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter said.

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