Avalanche Researchers Trigger Avalanche In Backcountry Montana

A pair of researchers from the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center caused an avalanche in backcountry Montana last week.

Doug Chabot, director of the Avalance Center, told KBZK that the researchers drove snowmobiles up Fisher Mountain to dig snow pits.

As they arrived at the site, the snowmobile caused an avalanche.

“One of them rode, and then the second person came, and when the second person was coming, he triggered the avalanche from below,” Chabot said.

The first rider managed to avoid the avalanche and radioed for help as he sprinted down the mountain to look for his colleague.

“And luckily, he wasn’t buried. He had snow up to his thighs, but it was a really close call because it was a big avalanche,” said Chabot.

He was able to dig out the other researcher and his snowmobile, and they left the area. Miraculously, neither of the researchers were injured.

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