At Least Five Killed In Russian Bombing Of TV Tower In Kyiv

Ukrainian officials said that at least five people were killed when Russian missiles struck a TV tower in Kyiv. The attack took several broadcasts off the air and caused damage to a nearby Holocaust memorial.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that backup sites would be brought online to help restore the broadcasts.

“The channels will not work for a while,” the ministry said in a statement. “The backup broadcasting of some channels will be enabled in the near future.”

The move comes as Russia has stepped up its attacks against Ukraine while a 40-mile long convoy of tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery continues its slow march towards Kyiv. Russian forces have also launched airstrikes against targets in Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, where at least ten people have been killed.

Ukrainians say that Russian forces are targeting civilian areas, as residents are forced to find shelter from the missile attacks.

“They have been bombing since morning, only districts where civilian people live, where there are no militarily forces,” Julia Laesser told Fox News. “Just local flats, supermarkets, and some small shops.”

“They are bombing civilians,” she continued. “We have a lot of people, a lot of people who died in the streets, a lot of people who are hurt.”

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