At Least 7 Deaths Suspected To Be Linked To Heat Wave

At least seven deaths are suspected to be linked to a heat wave in Oregon as temperatures rose past the triple digits, NBC News reports.

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner is investigating whether the heat wave led to three reported deaths in Portland, according to a news release shared last Thursday (July 28).

A fourth death in Umatilla County is also suspected to be linked to the heat wave. Three others reported in Marion and Clackamas counties may also be heat-related, including an incident where an elderly man was found dead inside a home that didn’t have a working air conditioner, however, the final determination of cause of death has yet to be made, KGW reports.

Temperatures in Portland rose to 102 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, which surpassed a state record for the highest temperature recorded on July 26. Seattle also broke its record for July 26 with its temperature rising to 94 degrees.

Several parts of the inland Northwest rose to about 110 degrees on multiple occasions last week.

Last week, forecasters warned of “dangerously hot conditions” over the next 24 hours as tens of millions of Americans continue to face a historic heat wave.

Heat-related deaths are the most common of any type of weather event among Americans annually, according to data shared by NWS.

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