At Least 6 Hikers Killed, 9 Injured By Chunk Of Alpine Glacier

A large chunk of an alpine glacier broke off a mountain and struck several hikers in Italy on Sunday (July 3), killing at least six and leaving nine injured, authorities confirmed via NBC News.

Officials said some 17 individuals remain unaccounted four as 16 cars are still unclaimed in the parking lot in the area near the popular trail, acknowledging that the death toll could rise as more information becomes available.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident and working to track down the occupants of the vehicles through license plate identification, though it’s unclear how many of the cars belonged to the already identified victims killed or injured, all of whom were airlifted to hospitals following the accident.

Police are using drones to inspect the area and find any other possible missing people as the search and investigation continues.

Trento Prosecutor Sandro Raimondi initially announced that 17 hikers were believed to be missing in relation to the accident, the Italian news agency LaPresse reported via NBC News.

Veneto regional Governor Luca Zaia said several of the hikers were roped together as they climbed up the mountain prior to the glacier breaking off.

Officials have not revealed the nationalities of the known casualties in relation to the accident and rescue crews with dogs were unable to continue their search on Monday (July 4) as conditions in the area were too dangerous.

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