Angry Driver Confronts Squeegee Workers With A Bat, Gets Fatally Shot

A Baltimore man was shot and killed following a violent confrontation with a group of squeegee workers. The Baltimore Police Department said that 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds was driving through an intersection near the Inner Harbor when he got into a “heated interaction” with the group.

The argument quickly escalated, and Reynolds pulled over and got out of his car. As he approached the group of young men armed with a baseball bat, one of them opened fire on Reynolds. The men left Reynolds bleeding in the street and fled the scene before police arrived.

Reynolds was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It is unclear if Reynolds actually hit any of the men with the bat, which was recovered at the scene covered in blood.

The fatal shooting has sparked calls from local politicians to enforce a city law that bans people from waiting at intersections offering to clean drivers’ windshields.

Many motorists find the practice to be a nuisance and have reported issues with the young men, especially if they decline the service or do not tip enough. Several people have reported that the squeegee men will damage their windshield wipers or smash their windows if they don’t pay up.

While the practice is illegal, the police department rarely enforces the law. The city has tried to send social workers to help the young men find other jobs but it has had little impact on the problem. Councilman Zeke Cohen called on the city to do something to help solve the problem.

“Enforcement must take place,” Cohen wrote in a letter to the mayor’s office. “The message must be clear that we will do everything within our power to get our children into meaningful employment, but squeegeeing cannot continue.”

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