Amazon Workers In New York Vote Overwhelmingly Against Joining Union

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Albany, New York, overwhelmingly voted against joining the Amazon Labor Union.

The National Labor Relations Board said that 406 employees voted against joining the union, while 206 voted in favor of unionization. The NLRB still has to certify the results of the election.

“We’re glad that our team in Albany was able to have their voices heard and that they chose to keep the direct relationship with Amazon,” Kelly Nantel, an Amazon spokeswoman, said in a statement.

Amazon Labor Union president Chris Smalls said that the election was not “free and fair.” Smalls noted that the union filed 27 complaints of unfair labor practices before the vote began. 

“It was a sham election where workers were subjected to intimidation and retaliation on a daily basis, and even the workers who volunteered to be election observers were faced with threats of termination,” Smalls said in a statement.

The union will have one week after the vote is certified to contest the results of the election.

It is the second failed attempt by Amazon employees in New York to unionize after workers at a facility in Staten Island voted in favor of joining the union earlier this year.

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