Alleged Hospital Gunman Accused Girlfriend Of Cheating Before Opening Fire

Authorities in Texas said that a man accused of killing two nurses in the maternity ward of Methodist Hospital in Dallas accused his girlfriend of cheating on him before he opened fire.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by KDFWNestor Oswaldo Hernandez showed up at the hospital on Saturday (October 22) to see his girlfriend, who had given birth the day before.

While he was in the room, he accused her of cheating on him and then pulled out a gun. He struck her multiple times in the head with the weapon and then shot a nurse as she entered the room. Hernandez then shot another nurse in the hallway who had peaked into the room.

Methodist Hospital Police Sgt. Robert Rangel heard the gunshot, rushed to the room, and shot Hernandez in the leg. After a brief standoff, he was taken into custody and transported to another hospital for treatment. 

He was then remanded into custody on suspicion of capital murder.

Authorities said that Hernandez had a lengthy criminal history and was currently out on parole. He was wearing an ankle monitor but was granted permission by a judge to visit his girlfriend at the hospital.

Methodist Hospital Chief Glen Fowler voiced his frustration that nobody was told that Hernandez would be at the hospital.

 “The police department had no forewarning that this person was being monitored by ankle monitor or anything about his criminal history,” he said.

“This isn’t about being on parole,” he added. “What this is about it about is a violent criminal that was on ankle monitor and us thinking that in some way, shape or form that that’s a level of accountability. Because it is not.”

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