9-Year-Old Girl Carries Baby Brother 5 Blocks To Safety After Carjacking

A nine-year-old girl and her 11-month-old brother are safe after a man carjacked their mother’s car in North Las Vegas. Karen Quinn told KVVU that she pulled into a 7-Eleven to use the ATM and left her two kids in the running vehicle.

While she was using the ATM, she saw a man, later identified as Mario Anthony Estrada, leave the store and get into her car.

“He opened the [car] door, and I tried to grab him, and I grabbed his sweater in the door, and he reversed and kind of rolled over the top of my foot,” Quinn told the news station. “And I was like, ‘Please, my kids are in the car! Please! My kids are in the car!’ He looked back at my daughter. She was like, ‘Mom! Mom!'”

Quinn chased after her car for several blocks but could not stop Estrada.

“I’m running ’cause I didn’t call the police at first ’cause I’m chasing. I’m just like– I’m going to get this car, I’m going, running, I’m going to get my kids,” Quinn said.

While Quinn was trying to chase after Estrada, her daughter pleaded with him to release her and her brother.

Eventually, Estrada pulled over and let the two kids out on a dark street. The girl, who was not wearing shoes, grabbed her brother and wandered the streets for about five blocks before they were found.

The police managed to locate Estrada and tried to pull him over. He led them on a brief chase, which ended when he slammed into another vehicle. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Estrada fled on foot but was eventually detained. He was taken into custody and is facing charges of kidnapping, child abuse, and grand larceny.

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