3 People Missing, Nearly 1,000 Homes Destroyed In Massive Colorado Fire

Three people are still missing as an investigation into a massive wildfire in Colorado continues, the Associated Press reports.

The fire took place in a suburban area between Denver and Boulder, leading to the destruction of nearly 1,000 homes and other buildings.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said authorities investigating the situation were pursuing numerous tips and had executed a search warrant at “one particular location,” but opted not to provide specific details.

A sheriff’s official who spoke anonymously confirmed one property in the Marshall Mesa area of Boulder County — an open grassland region about two miles west of Superior — was among several under investigation after a National Guard Humvee was spotted blocking access to the property.

Utility officials said there were no downed power lines found in the area where the fire broke out, while condition experts said the fire’s late timing and spread was made possible amid an extremely dry fall and a winter with an untypical lack of snow for the area.

Pelle confirmed at least 991 homes and other buildings were destroyed in the fire including 553 in Louisville, 332 in Superior and 106 in numerous other parts of the county, with hundreds more experiencing damages among a tally that is not final.

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