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Halsey wants to tattoo ‘whole stomach’ once they’re done ‘having kids’


Halsey has admitted some of their tattoos have seen “better days” following pregnancy.

The Without Me hitmaker, who uses both she/her and they/them pronouns, and boyfriend Alev Aydin welcomed their first child, a son named Ender, in July.

During a Q&A session on Twitter last week, Halsey was asked whether they would be adding any further body art to their collection, and the 27-year-old replied: “I wanna tattoo my whole stomach but I think I gotta wait until I’m ‘done having kids’ cause some of my existing belly area tattoos have already seen better days.”

Halsey is no stranger to tattoos, and has approximately 29 inkings, including a butterfly motif and the lyric “i’m a loser baby” in cursive script on their neck.

Elsewhere, the star noted that she was getting a bit tired about questions regarding their breasts and postpartum body, having previously discussed their breastfeeding journey.

“I would love to talk about literally anything else!!!!” exclaimed Halsey, adding: “1. They look like that cause I’m breastfeeding. 2. Yeah I can’t believe it either. 3. Yes they get in the way. 4. No I don’t know if they’ll go back to normal ever. 5. Yep they hurt. 6. Yes it’s weird to look different then (sic) I’m used to. 7. Yes I’ll probs delete this.”

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