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Susan Crow reveals Tony Bennett doesn’t know about Alzheimer’s diagnosis


Susan Crow has confirmed that her husband, Tony Bennett, is unaware of his Alzheimer’s disease.

During an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 minutes, the 55-year-old opened up about the music icon’s fight against the condition.

“Every day is different. Tony late at night, sometimes early in the morning, he’s more alert, if I can use that word,” Susan shared of the 95-year-old. “So, I’ll tell him, ‘Tone, you’re gonna be on 60 Minutes.’ He’s, like, ‘Great.’

“I said, ‘You remember that show, 60 Minutes.’ He’s, like, ‘I do,'” she continued. “But in any other given moment, he won’t know.”

Crow then revealed Bennett recognises family members, but does not know that he has the degenerative neurological disease following his 2016 diagnosis.

Cooper explained that Bennett struggles to keep conversation and that his condition has “really progressed” in severity.

However, when called to rehearse, “Suddenly Tony comes shuffling out, much more energetically and he gives thumbs up to the camera, and he’s suddenly making eye contact with everybody… He knows the entire song, there’s no cue cards, there’s no sheet music on the piano that he’s reading, so it’s all just in his brain.”

Bennett recently released his final album, a collection of duets with Lady Gaga called Love for Sale. He retired from live performance in August after appearing for a final time at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, citing safety concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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