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Kelly Rowland’s eldest son has found pandemic most difficult in their family


Kelly Rowland’s eldest son Titan has struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic the most within her family.

The Destiny’s Child star and her husband Tim Weatherspoon are parents to six-year-old Titan as well as Noah, who was born amid in the pandemic in January.

In an interview with CNN, the 40-year-old admitted Titan found the quarantine orders tough because he’s a social butterfly.

“He misses his friends, he missed school so much,” she said. “He’s such a social kid and loves to be in the classroom that when he was home it was a really rough time.”

Titan is doing much better now he’s back at school and she has been able to arrange some “bubble play dates” with other families. However, he has now turned his attention to travel so the singer is hoping to come up with a plan for his seventh birthday in November.

“He recently asked me were we going to be able to go some place really cool with snow,” the singer shared. “So, I think I’m going to have to start fixing my mind on what are we going to do for his birthday.”

And while she always makes sure her children and husband are doing well, the Stole hitmaker tries to make time for herself too.

“Because I love my husband, I love my babies and I want them to always feel seen and heard from me, but I need to make sure that I can always see and hear myself and what I need as well,” she explained. “Because if I don’t do that, I’m going to be useless to them.”

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