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Jade Thirlwall remembers ‘horror’ gig as she reflects on Little Mix’s anniversary


Jade Thirlwall says Little Mix are so proud to be celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The ‘Black Magic’ hitmakers – who were put together by ‘X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell in 2011 and won the talent show that year – are releasing greatest hits collection ‘Between Us’ in November to mark the occasion, and Jade can’t quite believe how far they’ve come.

Appearing on the ‘Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk’ podcast, she said: “I mean, I feel like when we first got put together, it definitely felt like it was big, and it was special, and it was gonna be successful.

“But I dunno if I thought we’d still be doing this for 10 years, and still be really happy together, and enjoying the process. Not many pop artists can say that, so we feel very, very lucky.”

It’s been a wild ride for the group over the past decade, and Jade admitted they have had their fair share of “horrors” overs over the years when it comes to live performances.

She laughed: “There’s definitely been a few horrors over the years, or a few TVs where we’ve hated it or one of us has come off crying because it’s been so awful.

“I probably couldn’t count the amount of times that’s happened. But I think America, we did a big festival in Las Vegas. Perrie was ill literally 10 minutes before we went on, so we were one down and they we got on stage and they played the wrong track.

“They played the actual song instead of the backing track, so it really looked like we were miming… We walked onto our voices playing out. We were like, ‘This is the most awkward thing ever!’ “

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