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Katy Perry promises Las Vegas shows will be ‘weirdest’ yet


Katy Perry has promised fans her upcoming Las Vegas residency shows will feature many “unique” elements.

In a new interview with Variety, the Firework hitmaker opened up about her upcoming Play tour, which kicks off later this year, and revealed that she is pulling out all of the stops for concertgoers.

“We had a lot of discussions about Vegas and the audience — what their vibe is, why they’re in Vegas. You are not on a religious retreat when you’re going to Vegas,” the 36-year-old said, noting that it’s important to “know your audience”.

“This isn’t the next tour, next record, next era,” she continued. “This is an accumulation of everything I’ve been able to offer and the hits and what the people like.”

Perry shared that people come to Vegas shows for a variety of events – namely bachelorette parties and birthdays.

Knowing that, she believes attendees of the show will be looking for an “escape” which is necessary for stress management.

“So, it’s going to be big, colourful and it will have a level of humour to it that is probably the weirdest I’ve ever done,” the singer explained. “I feel like we have the most unique show that a musician has ever brought to Vegas.”

Aside from the weird and colourful aesthetic, Perry noted that she’s excited that the gig allows her to see her baby daughter Daisy, whom she welcomed with partner Orlando Bloom last year.

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