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Freddie Mercury handwritten ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ lyrics set to fetch $50,000


Everyone knows Queen’s iconic 1978 song “Fat Bottomed Girls”. The chart-topper is a mainstay in both bars and movie theatres alike and is considered to be one of Queen’s best songs, even making it to the top 11 in the UK Singles Chart and 24 in Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

However, did you know that on August 11th New Jersey based auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is bringing to auction Freddie Mercury’s original, handwritten lyrics to Queen’s classic hit? If you want to own a piece of this legendary song, be prepared to open up your wallet as the auction house estimates these lyrics to go for at least $50,000. Very few handwritten lyrics from Mercury or Queen have ever surfaced, especially for a song as popular as this. The rarity of these lyrics cannot be understated, making this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to add these to your collection.

The set of lyrics consist of 26 lines written in a blue ballpoint pen on two sheets of paper. The first titled “Fat Bottomed Girls” details the song’s three verses on the front and on the reverse has a Mountain Recording Studio recording log sheet. The second outlines both versions of the chorus on a sheet of white legal paper, written out for recording purposes, with some words underlined for accent, showing slight variations from the released version including “Cause I kept my greatest treasure” instead of “I still got my greatest treasure” and omitting “Hey big” in the reprise “Hey big woman…” and revisions including “big eyed floozie” to “blue eyed floozy”. Mountain Recording Studio was a favorite place of Queen to record their albums, in fact they recorded 7 of their albums there, from 1978-1996, including the album “Jazz” in which “Fat Bottomed Girls” is on.

In addition to this amazing piece, Gotta Have Rock and Roll is auctioning off 1300+ lots of the finest memorabilia in rock and roll, sports, history, and pop culture. With lots ranging from $50 to $500,000, there is sure to be a steal for collectors new and old alike. The auction runs from August 11th to August 20th. Go to gottahaverockandroll.com to register to bid.

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