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Chris Cornell’s widow shares love letter


Chris Cornell’s widow has shared a handwritten love note the late Soundgarden singer wrote her as part of a heartbreaking new interview.

Vicky Cornell told Fatherly.com how she and the rocker’s kids keep his memory alive following his 2017 death, and offered up a letter he penned for her in red ink to show what a romantic he was.

“Chris is constantly kept in the present,” she said. “We speak about him, we play his music, we share memories, we work in his legacy and I include my children in that.

“We continue the great charitable work that he did personally and through the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. Giving back was important to Chris and it is something we did together as a family, so we still do that and it keeps his memory and what was important to him alive.”

The love letter reads: “I write this with the quivering hand that is guided by the fortunes of a heart lucky enough to know true love. My heart is a beating drum and my voice a clanging bell sounding to the world, I love you. Be mine in joy lit only by the glow of our shining love!”

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