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Reba McEntire won’t be part of Republican Governor’s weekend barbecue


Reba McEntire has distanced herself from an upcoming political fundraiser for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, insisting she never signed up to take part.

The country star took to social media on Friday to make it clear she would not be a part of the barbecue event on Sunday for Republican Noem.

“Last night, an invitation to a political fundraiser with my name attached was sent out without my knowledge or permission,” McEntire wrote. “I had and have no plans to attend this event and had told the event organizers as such. Throughout my career, I have stated that I do not get involved in politics and that remains true today.”

McEntire did not clarify the nature of the fundraiser, but editors Politico reported on Thursday night she was slated to appear at the Noem fundraiser, based on a tweet from journalist Stephen Sanchez, who received the invitation and posted it on Twitter.

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