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Doja Cat to team up with Ariana Grande and The Weeknd on new album


Doja Cat will team up with Ariana Grande and The Weeknd on her upcoming album.

The ‘Say So’ hitmaker is set to release her third album, ‘Planet Her’, on June 25, and on Wednesday (10.06.21) she unveiled the track list for the record, as well as the collaborations fans can expect to see on the record.

In a post on Instagram – which also included the album artwork – Doja wrote the track listing in block capitals, and revealed the album will feature Ariana Grande, Young Thug, The Weeknd, and Sza among others.

Ariana lends her voice to a song titled ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’, while The Weeknd features on ‘You Right’, Young Thug is on ‘Pay Day’, J.I.D appears on ‘No Options’, and Sza sings on the previously released hit single ‘Kiss Me More’.

Meanwhile, Doja previously said she will only collaborate with artists she believes in.

She said: “I’m working with people who I really believe in, who I look up to. And that’s that. That’s all I want. Those are the only people I want to work with, so when that comes out and you find out who those people are, that’s going to be interesting.”

But at the time, she wouldn’t let any names slip, as she added when pressed to give more details: “No! Are you kidding me? No, no no! I’m not telling you anything.”

And the 25-year-old star also said each song on her new album will have its own “personality”.

Speaking last year before the album was finished, she said: “I’m always kind of winging it. I have my album coming – can’t say when. I really want to make it a surprise. I don’t want to say too much. Each song has its own personality. It’s not gonna be perfectly consistent – I’ve never been, anyway. But we have some dancehall stuff on there, some Afrobeat stuff, some funk, house. I’m trying to cover all bases.”

Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ track listing:

1. ‘Woman’

2. ‘Naked’

3. ‘Pay Day’ ft. Young Thug

4. ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’

5. ‘Need to Know’

6. ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’ ft. Ariana Grande

7. ‘Love to Dream’

8. ‘You Right’ ft. The Weeknd

9. ‘Been Like This’

10. ‘Options’ ft. J.I.D

11. ‘Ain’t S***’

12. ‘Imagine’

13. ‘Alone’

14. ‘Kiss Me More’ ft. Sza

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