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Ozuna: ‘I got like good relationship with the old guys and new guys, too’


Ozuna joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his brand new album ENOC, collaborating with Latin artists spanning generations, working his Sia and Doja Cat on “Del Mar”, his relationship with J. Balvin over the course of their careers, the album’s title and more. He also tells Apple Music about striving for versatility on the new album and says: “I’m doing music for love, for real. For my fans.”

Ozuna Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With Latin Artists Spanning Generations on His New Album ‘ENOC’…

For me it’s blessed. It’s my school. Daddy Yankee, when you see Nicky Jam, Yandel, you know the old guys. Guys have time in this general…for me, it’s so hard. It’s like an honor for me to work with these guys. For me, it’s my school. To my guy I say, “Yo, look there.” Nicky say “Yo, I don’t like that. You can put that in this other part. Change that.” And I’ll say “Daddy Yankee, what’s popping? I got this song. This money.” He said “Yo, let’s go.” So for me, it’s my family. I got like good relationship with the old guys and new guys, too. Because for me, it’s like the collab I got off of the tour. So I think…I got the best moment and the best relationship with the old guys, new guys, and everything in the generation.

Ozuna Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With Sia and Doja Cat on “Del Mar”…

It’s God for me because in two, three days I have the song. I say, “Yo, today I’m doing a song, the money, the album.” I say, yo, my lawyer, I’m say to him, “I have this song. Check if you can get Doja Cat.” And I’ve got ”Del Mar, another friend, Dizzy, and I say “Dizzy, check if you got Doja Cat” because I see Doja Cat’s delivery and everything she’s doing. I said, “Yo, wow, this is the next star. The last two years I’m doing with Cardi B in La Modelo. I say, “Yo, that girl is so hard.” So when this time, for me, she’s the best rapper woman and pop woman in the global. He said, yes. He say, I’ll find you. I’m saying I love the song. And I say, “Whoa.” It’s crazy for me because I found you. I’m saying Doja is the best in the moment. And I’m saying, let’s do it in the song and gave me the vocal in one day. I’m saying to Sia, “Sia, you like?” Because Doja talk a little hard in the song, you know? The verse is so hard. And you know Sia is a little bit commercial and different something. She said “Yo, I like it.” But for me, like I say, it’s crazy because in two, three day you don’t have this combination on one song.

Ozuna Tells Apple Music About His Legacy and Striving For Versatility With His New Album …

It’s for my legacy. Yeah. This album got like the old Ozuna. The start Ozuna. The first Ozuna. Everybody listened. The first Ozuna with the vocal, instrumental, the beats, everything. Everything where did got in this album is like old with the first time I’m doing it. And I’m like, first song would go on the world. So for me, it’s so special because like people in the Caramelo song, you see it. And everybody say yo, Ozuna is back with the sound, with the sign, with it, with everything they got the first time. And I got home right now and everybody tell me, yo, we are back, you come back with the old Ozuna. And that’s what my legacy, I’m saying. I’m doing different music. That’s another thing is I’m doing… I’m versatility. I’m doing like [inaudible] Bachata, rap, R&B, reggaeton…like versatility artists. And right now, it’s more difficult seeing versatility artists in the industry, you know? Because everybody doing the same. Everybody sees somebody go with this direction and everybody go in this direction. Now I’m stepped in my direction with the first day. Only like I’m changed a little something with the producer, with the letter and you know, like for different people, for different people and go blow up different something. I got different something. So for me, like it’s so special. This album with my legacy and everybody rapped it.

Ozuna Tells Apple Music About His Relationship With J. Balvin…

With Balvin, I got the relationship with the first time, the first day in my first album, Odisea. I’m say Balvin, the first time with relationship and love first, I’m doing a song with him. I’m friends first. And second I’m doing with song or something. But first, I’m love him and respect him like so long. So, so, so hard. It’s my guys. Other people I’m saying, so listen to something and say, yo, that’s something he saying to me for doing the best move in the industry. So for me, I’m respect him and I met him and I got love for him. So I’m call with Balvin to do this album, because I wanted the people remember the first time I’m going out. So it’s, “Hey, come on. Let’s go.” And the song I have for him on the album, I love this song too. I love the wave.

Ozuna Tells Apple Music About Titling His Album ‘ENOC’…

It’s El Negrito Ojos Claros. That’s the title it put in my fans. Go to another, another day. I love the name. I put it like the first time, Odisea. The first time my fans say to me “El Negrito Claro.” But I don’t know. The first time I’m listening, I say it, I don’t like, and so I’m put it Odisea. And the next album, everybody say, “Yo put ‘El Negrito Claro.'” And I say, “Yo, I don’t like this name, can we put Aura?” And I put Aura. And the third album, everybody say “Yo El Negrito Claro when’s it coming?” And I say I like I put in Nibiru. And now everybody say what’s poppin? What is the name of the album?” And I say “Yo, ENOC. EL Negrito Ojos Claros.” Because that’s the name when you remember. Ozuna, that’s the name what you remember the first time the dreads, everything with this tie with the Ozuna I got the first time you listened.

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