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Demi Lovato’s anxiety ‘skyrocketed’ during Covid-19 lockdown


Demi Lovato has credited her fiance Max Ehrich for pulling her through the Covid-19 lockdown period after her anxiety ‘skyrocketed’.

The Confident star opened up about life in lockdown in a candid open letter for Vogue magazine, in which she admitted her mental health suffered during the tough months.

“Depression and mental illness are part of my history,” she explained in the letter, revealing that with all the sudden downtime, she began to question: ‘”What’s important to me? What’s going to get me through this? How can I remain positive?”

The Skyscraper star reflected: “I knew that I wanted to learn something from this time that could actually better my life, my mental health and my emotional wellbeing in the long term.”

Demi then credited Max for inspiring a shift to a proactive attitude.

“Because my fiance is so positive all the time, I just started picking up on the things he does,” she wrote, mentioning meditation, journaling and other creative pursuits as ways in which she bettered her mental state.

“One positive thing about the pandemic is that it has shone a spotlight on mental health in a way like never before,” Demi pondered.

“For so many years, mental illness was seen as shameful. I certainly felt ashamed; I was made to feel ashamed. This comes from ignorance,” she disclosed.

Demi has consistently spoken out about her mental health issues, including her long-term battle with depression, and received praise for easing the stigma surrounding the illness.

The singer got engaged to the former The Young and the Restless star in July, after going public with their relationship back in March.

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