Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky

Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky

Miley’s new single “Midnight Sky” is available now:
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Self Directed by Miley Cyrus

Executive producers:
Vijat Mohindra Studio
HopeTown Entertainment

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La la la la la

Yeah it’s been a long night and the mirror’s telling me to go home
But it’s been a long time since I felt this good on my own
A lot of years went by with my hands tied up in your ropes
Forever, and ever, no more

The midnight sky is the road I’m taking
Head high up in the clouds

I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
Fire in my lungs can’t bite the devil on my tongue, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
See my lips, on her mouth, everybody’s talking now baby
Ohh, you know it’s true, yeahh
That I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
Loved by you….

La la la la la

She got her hair pulled back cause the sweat’s dripping off of her face
Said it ain’t so bad if I wanna make a couple mistakes
You should know right now that I never stay put in one place
Forever, and ever, no more

The midnight sky is the road I’m taking
Head high up in the clouds

I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
Fire in my lungs can’t bite the devil on my tongue, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
See my lips, on her mouth, everybody’s talking now baby
Ohh, you know it’s true, yeahhh
That I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
By you….


I don’t hide, blurry eyes like you
Like you

I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you
Fire in my lungs can’t bite the devil on my tongue, you know
I don’t need to be loved by you
See his hands round my waist, thought you’d never be replaced baby
Ohh you know it’s true, yeah

That I was born to run I don’t belong to anyone, oh no
I don’t need to be loved by you

La la la la la la la

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  1. I’m not a fan but I fuck with this song! I love the beat too! It’s like a cross between Regulate by Warren G and Don’t You Want Me by The Human League.

  2. I don’t know what it is about breaking up with Liam that causes such magic to happen in the studio but I’m here for it 💋

  3. I’m totally loving this song, got that 80s vibe, mixed with your ability to rock out and make anything sound amazing!!! Miley your unique and have one amazing voice keep doing your thing baby!! Love your look, sexy as hell baby.😘😘😘

  4. ADDICTED to this song. Miley gives me a Pat Benatar/Stevie Nicks reference with so much fire of her own, my screen melted.

  5. Everytime I listen to Miley again it’s like she’s someone completely new and I think this is my favorite incarnation

  6. Her voice… My God.. her voice … it just keeps getting better and better… .. and if she gets any hotter she’s gonna start melting screens..

  7. It is sad when you grew up in the 90s listening to the songs that came like 10 years before you and it basically comes back around…. that’s when you know you are old. lmao

  8. Good God Miley, you’d think after all these years your singing voice would have gotten better, but guess what? IT HAS NOT! Please take some lessons, or just give it up completely, really. I don’t know who convinced you that you could sing, even a little bit but they were sorrowfully mistaken and the people who buy your records, must have a deaf ear. You need to do yourself and anyone with ears a huge favor and throw in the towel and FINALLY BECOME THE BOY YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!. Oh and please help what few fans you have, for which I am NOT 1 of and, give up the wrecking ball ,no one wants to see you “gettin’ off” on the wrecking ball. It didn’t work the first time and now it’s just plain nasty. I mean really, if your going to masturbate with a huge ball take it to YOUR bedroom and stop doing it where others don’t know i’s coming like on the MTV awards, I had to flush my eyes out after your performance I was almost blind for the remainder of the awards, thanx.

  9. I love this song and her voice! It reminds me so much of a video and song from the 1980’s. Her new look is totally awesome also! 🤘🏾

  10. me encanta todo de este video,el maquillaje le hace resaltar esos maravillosos ojos a la perfección,el vestuario la letra el ritmo alllllllll y su voz de gata .

  11. It sounds like pop 80’s a little bit. It’s really really a great tune and she has a terrific voice! I love very much. Kylie Minogue+ Madonna = Myley Cyrus 😉

  12. No sé si seré el único hispano hablante que siente miley se inspiró en Alejandra Guzmán para la voz en algunas partes de la canción

  13. Waaaaccckk!! She trying to copy Gwen with the black & white print, and laying on the bubble gum, like Gwen’s video “Luxurious”, but Gwen was on top of candy. This is a Wack video.. what a Biter!! 👎

  14. This song is so fucken good! And the video…. wow!! We need an entire 80s themed album. This is her fucken lane!!!

  15. How this song was sung and made did they partly take the tune from Break my heart by Dua Lipa but made it slightly different to make this song

  16. Sitting in the living room with my boy after he said he didnt know of ot was going to work but then told me he still wants to be with me

  17. Dope. I definitely dig the 80s/Madonna vibes 🔥💙❤💜🔥 Shoutout to her and The Weeknd for bringin these old school sounds back this year

  18. 2020 tá tão louco que até a Miley Cyrus fez uma música que preste!
    Pena esse exagero nas caras e bocas e essa vulgaridade!

  19. Miley is one of the far and few who can take many days off and still return to a major come-back! Like! 🎶🎶🎶

  20. Every time MILEY and LIAM split:
    Miley gets into a relationship with a female, she cuts her hair short, and sings songs about their breakup while half naked.
    Liam is hurt and reflects on it while depressed and staying respectful of Miley. And this time he’s moved on!❤️✌️💪🌊🍀🌈

  21. Miley .. I’m in love with you 😅😍
    Will you marry me
    Maybe just be in love for a while ..long while actually 😍
    Notice being in relation with Egyptian Arabic middle eastern guy is a unique
    Specially me 😎
    اظن كده اقنعتها ولا رأيكم ايه 😉😅😂😂

  22. Loving the 80s revival from artists recently. Hope it moves us back to great songs again.

    Definitely Stevie Nicks Edge of Midnight vibe with Debbie Harry mixed in.

    Oh the tongue is back 1:30

  23. Вот это ахуенно, по сравнению с прошлыми клипами,этого не хватало очень,голос мощный

  24. I would love to hear the rock version of this. She’s talented but wasting it to this lightweight, easy-to-consume music.

  25. Someone pls tell me what genre this song is?? I’ve been liking this style lately but I don’t know what it’s called ,I need jams like this one 💜 :”)

  26. i absolutely love this song, this is my favourite Miley song so far. i have made a piano cover of this song if anyone wants to check it out 🙂 it’s sadder and slower, something different!

  27. WOW! Hermoso vídeo 💕😆💞💖amo todooooo! No sé cómo hay personas resentidas dándole a no me gusta como si ellos pudieran hacer nada de lo que ella hace. Ningunos cantan ni tienen idea para hacer un vídeo como éste. 💞💖

  28. My opinion but not my type of music.ive watched this girl grow up and she had came along way but I dont care much for her

  29. Miley voice’s beautiful and this retro beat is amazing too, but the visual, color, outfits, prints, the cinematography of this music video… is just too beautiful.

  30. She is the one in a million who sings from the bottom of her heart ❤. I absolutely believe in every feeling she delivers in this beautiful song.

  31. i came here after i watched ” the climb” i cried by these song these years ago so i wanted too see how much she changed after hannah montana i looked for her latest music viedo…. she embrace herself i cant say nothing i still love her voice miley cyrus was and will be stay my idol

  32. the song is very good, but the video clip not.

    song name is midnight sky, at last you might video moon light scene.

    clip made story of couple , that meet in night and breakout . that will make it this better.

    this very good song with trash clip.

  33. Absolutely one of the most beautifully sung and well written songs she has produced OR honestly ever written. What an incredible artist and human being she is. LUCKY to exist in the era where we get too see her grow and flourish in her prime.

  34. The track isn’t lip sinked correctly to the video 😶 it could be this platform I’m watching but I couldn’t even watch the whole clip … And I thought the song was lame anyway. She’s done so many cool songs, however this isn’t one of them, she doesn’t need to revisit the 80’s 🙄

  35. People have always compared Lady Gaga’s career and reinvention to Madonna, but I think Miley is more the modern Madonna now. Her controversy and reinvention and badass attitude is very similar to Madonna’s. I think Gaga is more similar to David Bowie now actually (who also inspired Madonna).

  36. This is her Very Best song for me, maybe because a bit reminds me of the 80’s 😁, and her new voice is really Awesome 👍, keep up the great job Miley you are Awesome

  37. Such a beautiful lady with beautiful voice too bad she has to act so and dress so trashy to be on stage it’s a shame

  38. Loved her on Disney ,,, wasn’t sure how I felt once she started doing music …. just bc it didn’t feel authentic but this… BITCHHHH this I stan. It’s like a billy ray and dolly mix but it ain’t; it’s Miley ! Oww!

  39. Miley Cyrus proved herself again to be an amazing artist! This 80’s vibrant song I will be singing for a long time 🙂 I remember when I was posting her Wrecking ball songs and everyone was like no…not her! The same with Lady Gaga who prove herself over and over again. Artists are sometimes insane, but that’s how they soul searching and create!🤩 Bravo Miley 👏👏👏

  40. This could literally be an advertisement for Chanel :D. Love this song tho, it gives me midnight drives in summer vibes

  41. Some Stevie Nicks copy cat on the main chorus finale. Vocal fit perfect beyond and then some. One of Miley’s best. Should hit top five if the Billboard was actually fair.

  42. Few disco balls, fake attitude, lot of nudity, boring song, and that irritating voice. This is what Miley Cyrus and her song is all about!

  43. Her raspy voice is so original and legendary…WHY THE HECK WOULD THERE BE DISLIKES…I’ll never understand!

  44. Nice song ,Miley I can realate ,I believe in myself,I can succeed on my own,and I don’t need love from others.xoxo🥰😄

  45. *Just imagine how many Army’s are coming here in every single minute in September 2020*
    *Me : watching this song again and again*

  46. Can someone please tell me which 80s song this sounds like, it’s doing my head in everytime I hear it on the radio. I think it’s the chorus that sounds really like one

  47. this song hit deeeep, had to cover it directly ! would love to hear your opinion palssss🌠💛->

  48. Certain notes she has hit sound like Stevie Nicks (and I love Stevie). She’s got that touch of Stevie in her vocals which is incredible!!

  49. You’re always an amazing singer performer,and it just wowed me when you’re the one who directed this,you’re a pure talent,real queen 👸

  50. I love you deeply from saudia arabia, You influence me MC since the age of 7 when i saw you on the Tv.. ❤️🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦😭😭😭😭✨✨✨✨

  51. This has such a Fleetwood Mac vibe and I love it. Miley is really finding her own sound and look and that’s amazing to see

  52. I was scrolling through comments for a couple of minutes and didn`t find a single hate comment (maybe there are some, but buried deep down). I am so happy that Miley is becoming her strong independent self and that people actually start to recognize her talent and don`t see her as the “naked crazy girl who lost her mind” ❤️❤️

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  54. Your chorus gives me Fleetwood Mac flashbacks. I can literally hear that within it, behind it, Stevie Nicks… A mashup song would be amazing as well, but your talent never needs help. There’s derivative, and then there’s homage. You embody the latter. “Just like the one winged dove, sings a song; sounds like she’s singin’. Ooo, baby, Ooo, said, “Ooo.””

  55. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. This is a BANGER!! And is catchy AF. This track and nothing breaks like a heart perfectly showcase how dope and retro sounding her voice is. Full on vintage vibes ✨❤️

  57. Lo mejor que he visto en este 2020. Belleza, seducción, atrevimiento, diferente, arriesgado pero fenomenal. Saludos desde 🇵🇦🇵🇦

  58. I am not the biggest fan but damn her voice is so good. And when she is on, she can bring it. Mother’s Daughter, Slide Away, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart and finally this, has been a brilliant run.

  59. I was going to buy that same Chanel but the “H” kept getting caught in my zipper. It really sucked, I had a lot money I needed to spend.


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