NOTD, Astrid S – I Don’t Know Why

NOTD, Astrid S – I Don’t Know Why

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Music video by NOTD & Astrid S performing I Don’t Know Why. © 2020 NOTD AB, under exclusive license to Universal Music AB


  1. Изумительная песня! Супер голос! Красивая девушка!👏👏👏💖🙋👍🚀✨🎇

  2. jeg liker denne sangen aldri hørt om dere, men når jeg så reklamen deres så visste jeg at det kommer til å bli bra

  3. NOTD and pewdiepie are the only reason i am proud to be swedish. Like these guys keep dropping fire

  4. UGH It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I could just JAM to a song like this. Carefree and just nice to listen to. Thank u <3 <3

  5. When I see a lit collab (NOTD + Astrid S), I smash like first before even listening it. Because they never disappoints!!

  6. Wow, this song is def an addiction. So is watching Astrid casually having fun as we all love watching from her vlogs haha.

  7. Tove Styrke, Shy Martin, and now Astrid S. Keep going for make a collaboration with Nordic Singers. Must to add Zara Larsson, Alma, Ina Wroldsen, and Tove Lo to your list guys

    Sorry for my RIP English

  8. LYRICS—
    Following a feeling
    Got no reason I should show up
    Here tonight, here tonight
    And I’m hoping for a signal
    But I’ll settle for your body
    In my mind, in my mind

    Starts as innocent
    But moves so quickly, so quickly
    Yeah, when you look at me
    I must be dreaming

    Oh, I don’t know why, no, I don’t know why
    The room keeps shaking
    Put your arms around me and the walls start breaking
    Tell me that you found me and my world starts changing
    I see it all in my mind
    Bollywood Tracks Lyrics
    Oh, I don’t know why, no, I don’t know why
    The floor keeps spinning
    Whisper in my ear that I’m the one you needed
    Touch me like I’ve never even felt this feeling
    Baby, I wish you were mine
    Oh, I don’t know why, no, I don’t know why
    [Verse 2]
    Started as a fantasy
    But I found it so hard to
    Push it down, push it down
    How at any given moment
    I would say your name so I could
    Hear the sound, hear the sound

  9. While listening to this song continuously, staying home, I found comprehensive joy amidst this pandemic. Its a mood changer track. Thank you so much.

  10. Omyy Astrid i love youre vibes in your songs and youre vibes as a person thankyou so much, keep up the great work 🙆‍♀️😘

  11. Who came here because of the FACEBOOK ADS? LOVIN IT the only ads the I didn’t skipped I love this song such a great vibe for summer time ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Astrid is so freaking cute, found her and her music shortly after she got started and have been so proud of her continued success. And Notd you guys always bring the bangers. You go bbs!

  13. If YouTube would have counted views every time i hear this song, it would have reached Billion views by now. Best Song

  14. I have like 150 gb of songs, i have heard many songs. i heard this song only once and it went directly to my top favourites 🔥💙. It always gives me happy vibes even when I am sad. This is so underrated. Guys make this viral ✌️ share everywhere.

  15. At 0:53 For a sec I thought that was Iain De Caestecker/Leo Fitz of agents of s.h.i.e.l.d , he looks so much like him

  16. I don’t know why… I’m watching this song more than 50 times in a day.. I don’t know why

  17. Got shown this by a friend and just can’t stop listening, such a beautiful voice and the best just makes it work so nice 😍😍😍

  18. Amazing song top congratulations beauty talented vocal love you astrid S!you have present from God!*

  19. so wonderful aesthetic& wonderful video music ever I’ve see&I’ve ever heard aha, love you literally much Astrid S♥❤

  20. Ive heard of NOTD and I thought they where just random artists. But when I heard this why the hell dont they have a million subs. Their phuckin dope

  21. มีคนไทยหลงมาฟังบ้างไหม คือเพลงมันดือมากกก

  22. Hi guys i’m relieved i played piano cover of this song tho. Go check my channel, hope you enjoyed♡ like, share to others and subscribe to support thanks!!🙌

  23. Astrid got out of a car & talked to her fans outside of the Moroccan Lounge in LA before her show. She is truly a kind, and amazing artist that loves life. I was blown away not only by her performance, but also by the wonderful person that she is.

  24. Why am I not hearing this play on radio stations? I became a fan instantly by hearing the chorus part, It gives a diiferent nostalgic feeling, so underrated man.

  25. Uno q ví micho hace al menos 1 mes y +, Un himno del tenor AndreaB:s marcó un duetto con Céline Dion q es demasiado!

  26. I wish I could find musicians who want to create music like this. I could release the catchiest music If I had positive and creative musicians around me! NOTD you are insane and your music is just amazing!

  27. It doesn’t matter if it’s metal or pop, Scandivania delivers “I Don’t Know Why” this is the case- must be something in their water!

  28. I Don’t Know Why – NOTD, Astrid S Lyrics

    Following a feeling
    Got no reason I should show up here tonight
    Here tonight
    And I’m hoping for a signal
    But I’ll settle for your body in my mind
    In my mind

    Starts as innocent but moves so quickly, so quickly
    Yeah, when you look at me I must be dreaming

    Oh I don’t know why, no, I don’t know why
    The room keeps shaking
    Put your arms around me

    For Full Lyrics Visit here:-

  29. This song is so underrated, like the tf. People wouldn’t be able to see talent even if it was put right in front of them. Like how hasn’t this got 1 million views yet.

  30. This song gives me spring vibes- it’s bright, fun and celebrates about happy love ! What a sweet treat 👏😎🎉🙌🏽

  31. I don’t usually listen to NOTD or Astrid S much, but as soon as I heard the start I fell in love it’s so pure 😍🥺

  32. scandinavian folks are out there saving pop music! much love from malaysia 🇲🇾💗🇸🇪💗🇲🇾💗🇳🇴

  33. That song, especially the lyrics is so damn good! And the melody and rythm fits so perfectly in, makes you wanna sing with it. Definitely an awesome song, congrats.

  34. Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
    Love your music…Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible talents with this world that so desperately needs music like this to bring us some much needed joy!!

  35. Awesome song and video. I’m watching from the UK. I’m massively into my retro gear and love the 90’s look this has. Screw 4K! It’s all about SD and 4:3 haha!

  36. Wahhh Astrid! I have missed your lovely voice. This collab is 🌶 🔥. (chill and on fire!) Continue making amazing music! Watching from the Philippines with love!

  37. Why is this song so underrated ? Why ? Why ? It deserves more and more attention , this song is so good , I don’t actually have words for this song 🤐💖

  38. This song is perfect . I just discovered it and I have it on repet. Astrid is so amazing and her voice is even more amazing. Guys you are amazing too.

  39. yes i am just as confused as you as to why this very much of a masterpiece hasn’t hit 1 million views yet
    this deserves more attention

  40. i saw this song on someone else’s story and i got curious so i checked it out.. now it’s one of the songs i’ll play repeatedly. 💓

  41. 우유으우우우아우ㅠㅠㄴ우으ㅡ៖ 웅 ៖ ៖ 웅 ៖ ៖ 으응으ㅡ으우우으우으으으으ㅡㅇ

  42. found this on spotify and decided to search it up on youtube, expecting like 100M views but- ??? PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING ON THIS SONG MAN

  43. New subscriber here 🙋
    I just listened to a song and I’m already a big fan of your voice 🔥
    Lots of love from India🇮🇳 ❤

  44. 2 months before i watched this music video and I thought that this song is banger but after 2 months here I am This music video has less views I feel so bad for the people that havent yet discovered this song.

  45. this song is a different type of nostalgic. it reminds me of ‘run away with me’ by carly rae jepson. so underrated.

  46. next time i would suggest to make the extra beginning sounds like the birds and cars a lot softer so the listener can turn up the volume and listen to the song louder bc every song sounds better louder, but i loveee the song either way, just a suggestion🙂

  47. I feel like I remember this song from when I was younger(like 2000s). Impossible I know, but I remember a song just like this

  48. Welp.. that was terrible. Thanks for suggesting this, YouTube. Good to know YT doesn’t know anything about me, because I actually like good music… not this 🙂

  49. Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪, love this song so much, I think 1,000 views came from me 😂😂❤

  50. Almost every time I listen to this song my dog gets to see and hear me sing and dance around the room like a maniac. One of THE best songs I’ve ever heard! ❤️✨

  51. For the first time i talked to her..i became addicted to this song coz it was on..❤..If u are reading this..yeah its u 😌

  52. i hear this song first time a go travel in Avenue mall and then i search this song for a long time and finally i find it Thank You Billboard T—-T #ThailandFan


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