1. yea its really a sin that cadogan and jenkins are no longer making the world a better place together. third eye blind is still my favorite but these two guys made magic

  2. @ShaneElise if only Stephan Jenkins wasn’t a greedy basterd who took all the credit and rights for cadogans musical creations ( not to mention Tony Fredianelli his replacement is suing the band for the same shit), they’d still be at the top of their game and the charts. sigh…

  3. amazing. Long live 3eb debut and Blue album. Kevin is like Jim Page leaving Led Zep, or Keith Richards leaving the Rolling Stones, etc. I will always be a 3eb fan, but Damn….what could have been.

  4. Kevin Cadogan’s ability to play is astronomical. His vocals are haunting. It makes me happy that the division between him and Third Eye Blind happened, if he didn’t leave this sound might not have happened.

  5. @brentpal I feel the same way! Because Stephan was greedy, it cost us (the fans) some fantastic music that will never be created. At least we’ll always have the self-entitled and Blue.

  6. agreed, but I don’t have much time to prep some videos. I did want to do Callidora as my next project, but want to extract good video clips to go with the song

  7. I bought all his mp3’s from amazon but unfortunately I have no idea how to share them on youtube. Which is a shame because I think a lot of 3eb fans would favor KC’s solo stuff by a long shot. I know I did.

  8. Your guitar playing on blue takes me where I want to be. You are a no shit blues ax slinger Mr Cadogan.


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