Starflyer 59 – No New Kinda Story

Starflyer 59 – No New Kinda Story

Music video by Starflyer 59 performing No New Kinda Story.


  1. @chumbscrubber42 , yeah that’s why I like this song, although it reminds me of Ceremony By New Order I guess right after Joy Divisions Original version. Sorry but I like New Order better than J.D.

  2. @Wisconsin222 Actually Starflyer59 has been around round since 93 so The Strokes sound like them… Of course then again Starflyer’s music has change so much over the years who knows… I’m just glad you dig’em!

  3. I saw these guys maybe 15 years ago. It sounds like they’ve matured a lot as a band since the gold album came out.

  4. Is Starflyer 59 really a christian band? I’m not christian, and generally don’t like the mixture of religion and rock music…..But damn, Starflyer 59 is so good that it doesn’t even matter! I’ll continue to listen to them with pride.

  5. there’s a difference between making religious music, and music while being religious. Would you consider every song made by an athiest musician to be about athiesm?

  6. could people please give their interpretation of the smoke in the guys car being led out of the smoke filled car by the woman in white with the eyeball painted on her eyelid-brought to a chess game with a egg being smashed by a hammer and being reverse smashed please give your opinion reply to my comment please-i first saw this video on tvu

  7. Could someone please type their opinion on the meaning of the visuals and lyrics to this song and video-what does the bergman refrence have to do ith the lyrics?

  8. channel TVU used to play this vide around the year 2000 along with GS Megaphone and The Benjamin Gate and P.O.D. “Alive”

  9. Cradle to grave. The angels are taking this man away across some uneven territory. Everybody has to die.. His fate was carbon monoxide poisoning. He was old.. he could not “get” out of the car because it was his time. The chess match could be your last trial.. the final battle for your soul. The eyes aspect.. Angeles do not sleep. As Christopher Lloyd said in Angels In The Outfield: “We’re allllways watching”

  10. I prefer the band’s/Martin’s earlier material, the guitar-driven and almost metal-influenced sound of Silver, to the directions it would tread afterwards, but I respect the artist and like his subsequent material, which I still dutifully collect whenever I hear that a new SF59 album has been released.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers this being played on TVU!! Such a great song. I also love it in the movie Extreme Days. Such an awesome movie, my all time favorite!!

  12. the video confused me so much when I was younger that I really didn’t like this song. now I don’t care and just love the music so much


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