Polly Scattergood “After You” Video

Polly Scattergood “After You” Video

“After You” is the third track to be shared from Polly’s forthcoming album, to be released on July 3rd.
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Exclusive products direct from Polly’s store https://polly-scattergood.tmstor.es
From other retailers https://smarturl.it/In-This-Moment

Animation by Joe Lichtenstein.

Connect with Polly Scattergood:
Site https://www.pollyscattergood.com
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/1163419…
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/polly.scatte…
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/pollyworld
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  1. So this is the song about grief for this album then? Just like “Nitrogen Pink” on the first and “Miss You” on the second (and “Dead Balloons for onDeadWaves) this song is breathtakingly beautiful in its honesty and fragility; less angry than its predecessors but that does not make it any less intense.

    Watching this makes me want to put my arms through the screen and give her a hug, even in the certain knowledge that she (or at least the character portrayed by her in this video) would either crack into floods of tears and/or yell all her anger at me the moment I did so.

    Polly, if you are just making these songs up from scratch then you are truly the greatest observer of the darker side of human nature ever to have lived.

    If, on the other hand, they relate to genuine loss or suffering on your part then, wow, how brave to share them at all.

  2. Wow, just stumbled upon Polly, I had heard a song of hers in 2013, “Cacoon’. Like the. Song but this song “After You” is really exciting stuff. She reminds me of so many different people, I guess that’s what makers her unique. In my 60 some years of dedicated listening, an original. I just hope she gets the recognition she deserves. She is good and “After You” is great! MK 2020. PS: “In The Moment” is the name of her new album,watch for it.

  3. This song is very beautiful , I’ve been listening to your songs since my teenage years and I’m so glad to hear new amazing stuffs from you after all this time . Love and support from Iran ❤


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