The Rolling Stones – Criss Cross

The Rolling Stones – Criss Cross


One of three unheard tracks featured on Goats Head Soup 2020, sitting alongside an all-new stereo mix of the original 1973 album, plus demos, outtakes, live performances & more.

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Director: Diana Kunst
Starring: Guindilla Ontanaya
Production: Object & Animal
Executive Producer: Dom Thomas

Creative Director: Semera Khan

Production Manager: Laura Thomas-Smith
Styling: Guindilla Ontanaya & Diana Kunst with Lauren Anne Groves
Cinematography: Diana Kunst with Uri Barcelona Stills photography: Diana Kunst Focus Puller: Alicia Galina Seijo Rushes Runner: Steve Charalambous
Editor: Carlos Font Clos (Lead Editor) with Diana Kunst & Aitor Bigas
Telecine: Richard Fearon
Post Producer: Tamara Mennell & Julie Evans Post Production: Black Kite Studios Sound Engineer: Mark Hills Sound Mix: Factory Studios

Extra special thanks to Mau Morgó, Zico Judge, Mario Fornies & Laia Vidal at Blur Films, Diego Calvo & Concept Hotel Group, Marcelo Burlon, Pierre de Travesier, Roze De Witte, Los Enamorados Ibiza, Marcelo Burlon, Miranda Makaroff, Raúl Novella, Alejandro Paino and Aarti Mahtani.
Shot on Kodak Film and developed by Cinelab London.

The Rolling Stones ‘Criss Cross’ – a video diary by Diana Kunst 2015 – 2020

Music video by The Rolling Stones performing Criss Cross. © 2020 Promotone B.V., under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.


  1. “I see people turn their heads, then quickly look away” is one of the best lyrics in R&R. It paints a picture in your head and shows shows insight into peoples behavior.


  2. Long live the rolling stones! Stay safe everyone, and can’t wait to see the greatest rock n roll band ever, the rolling stones!

  3. Better than nothing, nice crispy song/sound. Most of us know this song for years 😎😀👊🏻❤️🇳🇱

  4. “Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comments?😂”

    * Pewdiepie Commented on my latest video I’m literally crying and shaking *😝😭

  5. Estan saliendo a la luz temas piratas. si bien este ya lo conocia, los Stones jamás te dejan de sorprender.
    like a rolling stone

  6. A classic that never was… should have been on the fm airwaves all along. Better late than never. Stones forever!

  7. I like this! A little like “Rocks Off.” Makes you wonder what else is in the vault and when we get to hear it!

  8. Baby. Ooh!
    Save me. Ooh!
    Save me. Ah!
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Save me
    Save me. Ooh!
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Giving me a criss cross mind
    Oh I got a lotta knots in my hair
    I can’t seem to straighten out
    Ah, I think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah, here come a lady
    Giving’me a criss cross mind

    Touch me
    Ooh, yeah!
    Kiss me
    Ooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah!
    Lip to lip
    Skin to skin
    Ring to ring
    Tongue to tongue
    Thigh to thigh
    Oh baby
    All the time
    Save me
    Yeah here come a lady
    Giving’ me a criss cross mind
    Mama walkin’ around in the rain
    She want you every night
    An’ think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Yeah, yeah

  9. What!? Only three “new” songs? GHS reportedly produced a lot of outtakes. What a bummer! But anyway, it’s still better than nothing, I guess.

  10. Energia pura…Baby i m working now and i dancing on the chair ..Some person look me bu i m not worry about this…ROLLING STONES ARE ROLLING STONES AND I CANT STOP TO MUOVE ME…🎶🎶🎶💚💚💚🏴‍☠️🧜‍♀️

  11. If All Down The Line and Rocks Off had a child, can’t believe this is a GHS outtake, sounds for Exile like. Love it!

  12. Better in 1970 …original,,before old age and greed made these boys a parody. Is that a pic of mick with ghislane?

  13. Reminds Stone ages of Exile on Main Street. No Bad, but not as good as Ghost town. In any way, Stones is one of the Greatest Bands.

  14. OoooOOooooooOhhhh Yeahhhhhhhh 🌙💚💛❤️✨ ☮¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪🌙💚💛❤️✨ ☮¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪🌙💚💛❤️✨ ☮¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  15. Thrilled to see this track get an official release and be a bit touched up in the mix. Too bad this video is junk and the audio editing for the video is way too hot. I get the feeling that whoever shot the video isn’t really a Stones fan. We don’t need to hear wind noise louder than the guitars.

  16. I love that girl but I still prefer those videos in which you can see the Band performing or acting in a short story

  17. Finallyyy some previously unreleased material…amazing! The countdown to the Goats Head Soup superdeluxe boxset has started!

  18. Amazinggg!! Finally some unreleased material coming out. The countdown to the Goats Head Soup set has started !

  19. ミックもキースも今年喜寿だと思うのだが、なにこの軽やかさは。素晴らしすぎる。

  20. Baby. Ooh!
    Save me. Ooh!
    Save me. Ah!
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Save me
    Save me. Ooh!
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Giving me a criss cross mind
    Oh I got a lotta knots in my hair
    I can’t seem to straighten out
    Ah, I think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah, here come a lady
    Giving’me a criss cross mind

    Touch me
    Ooh, yeah!
    Kiss me
    Ooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah!
    Lip to lip
    Skin to skin
    Ring to ring
    Tongue to tongue
    Thigh to thigh
    Oh baby
    All the time
    Save me
    Yeah here come a lady
    Giving’ me a criss cross mind
    Mama walkin’ around in the rain
    She want you every night
    An’ think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Yeah, yeah

    Save me. Save me. Save me. Save me
    And feed me, yeah
    Baby. Baby. Baby
    Save me
    Cheek to cheek
    Ohh yeah
    Tounge to tounge

  21. It’s neat how the video is obviously sorta contemporary and modern, but also there really isn’t anything in it that couldn’t be straight from 1973, especially evoking the fashion and photography of that era.

  22. Exellent Mix🔝
    Yeah some girls make you feel like a C.C.Man, especially when they go wild like the one in the video😉🤩😍😋
    So there is gonna be a new edition of Goats Head Soap ? Okay it is on my to do list.

    Ps》 Don’t you think its wise sometimes not to grew up ?

  23. Está a tú alrededor vé,
    disfruta vive sueña tú libertad
    Sonidos explosivos nocturnos
    Juega con tu piel y uñas de gato
    Quieres tu leche?, Esta servida en tu lata

  24. One of their best and funkiest songs.THey still have alot of these classics left in their vaults.Freakin’ great and groo-vey.

  25. La chica es Argenta 💙🇦🇷🤔 entonces es más Stone 👅👄💀☠️🇦🇷💙🇦🇷

  26. Gran representación de lo que es la mujer de hoy, queriendo llamar la atención exhibiendo su cuerpo, ya que otra virtud no puede tener.

  27. this old song is a very good one, but i’m very exited for and i’m hoping for the upcoming new stones album??? and the new second single, follows ‘living in a ghost town’ single, the first single from the new stones album.

  28. How did this not get on the original GHS is beyond me? Would have been a great show opener. Just shows you how great of a band these guys were when they leave gems like this off of an album.

    Les meilleurs ,les Kings of the World. LOVE et longue vie à eux 😜😍👌🤘👍💘💋👅 rock and roll 🥰🥰🎉

  30. Isn’t she playful? And favors a young Bianca Jagger. Wishing I had some of her energy right now. Love the title, cheers family👍🏽

  31. Hourra pour les Rolling stones
    Les maîtres de l’univers, les plus beaux, les plus grands
    Rock and roll, Yeah !!!🤩🤘👍💋👅👌🥰😍💘🎆🍹💬

  32. It’s crazy how after all these years they are still able to produce quality music that can be relevant to the times. Truly one of the best bands of all time that we will probably never see again in this lifetime. Long live The Rolling Stones

  33. Well this is simply fantastic. Far more energy than anything else on Goats Head Soup, which I like a lot. Makes me wonder if this was recorded in France before the exiles exiled to Jamaica? How they didn’t put this on that album — in place of songs like “Mr D,” “Hide Your Love,” “Silver Train,” or “Can You Hear the Music” — is beyond me.

  34. Как научиься так снимать? И как заработать денег на этом?)))

  35. the rise of nostalgia n low-fi makes this video feel like a modern indie band put this out….. n i think thats fuckin dope

  36. the stones have got so many outtakes they shouuld re visit some real gems that have gone largely unoticed NOW is the time to revamp and let the world get em’


  38. Music was good, video was demonic and disgusting. Extremely disappointed. Wish I could’ve just heard the music instead of watching a hot chic bend over 100x and wear Molech’s hat. Heard lyrics “need a blood transfusion. Guess Mick’s missing Epstein Island and his adrenachrome fix. Disgusting

  39. Somebody has to tell them we are in 2020. I love the Stones but this is so outdated pfff.

  40. I love the music, but the style of their videos is getting old: a fast succession of images of urban scenes, hot girls, T&A shots, cars… and no Stones. Maybe they should try another thing?

  41. “X Criss Cross X” is just more proof that The Rolling Stones are still The Longest Reigning “Still Kicking Ass” band in the world.

  42. Makes me wish I was half as old and twice as good looking, because she’s too young for me, but I think I love her.

  43. Who else is seeing this video with two fingers on the “,” and “.” of the keyboard?

  44. My favourite Stones era was with Mick Taylor. Mick Jagger, in Rolling Stone magazine (1995), even said the Stones never had a guitar player like him before, and haven’t had one sense. That says it all coming from Mick Jagger himself.

  45. Terrible esa chica stone y ese tema que nos alegra la cuarenta aguante la argentina Stone Hoy y siempre !!!

  46. Despues de 48 años de las grabaciones del GHS regresan con este tema en el que por fin sale de manera oficial!!!!!

  47. The track’s a Goat’s Head Soup discard….that’s why it’s great. There is very little good Stones music post 1983. Although the very recent Living In A Ghost Town was decent.

  48. What a great track Livin in a ghost town was pretty good too have we got another few classics in the making go on boys let’s rip the joint

  49. Goats head soup so underrated. Too bad this awful politically correct globalist empowered woman fun fun fun video makes it impossible to digest.

  50. pretty average-quality rolling stones song of the era, which means that it’s still better than about 80% of everything else being recorded then or now.

  51. Wow, you show her pissing. Maybe you can have her take a crap and have a Divine look-alike come up and eat it afterwards. That would be REALLY hip.

  52. I like goats head soup but i think that it could be a better album if some songs like Tops, Waiting on a Friend and this Criss Cross would have in the album instead others in the final tracklist like Silver Train and Can You Hear the Music.

  53. I couldn’t expect anything else from “the best band in the universe of all time”. Thank you for always giving us something, they’re always in our hearts.
    This year we couldn’t see them, next year we’ll celebrate 60 and more, not stopping. Greetings from Argentina (The Stone Republic).

  54. Just superb…….this should have been a full blown single backed by the record company etc…. some cheer at last

  55. *traitor* … I don’t enjoy your time… *traitor* … I don’t enjoy your rhymes… *traitor* … I don’t want you in *my mind* ….

  56. Well no shots of NYC circa 73 with its 6 foot high piles of trash on the street. But I love the beat and the homage to cover of GHS with the yellow cellophane covering her head/face on bed.

  57. After showing that they were the best during the global citizen tv concert, they show us here that they are still badass. Those who criticized them are either too old and ineffective on stage or dead. Indeed, there are few bands with original members like Aerosmith for example. In fact, an early 70’s band, not 60’s.

  58. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Stones ♥️🧉🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Muy bueno este tema Argentina Presente!!!

  59. CRISS CROSS Is A Great Straight Up Rock Song By The Rolling Stones And Totally Rocks It Needs To Be Fully Cranked Up All The Way To Full Maximum Volume.

  60. Why do they have a video of some woman shaking her behind? I dont know which is worse. The song or the video.

  61. Good song, why it wasn’t included on the original album is the question. Goat’s Head Soup was a good LP but it did have some weak tracks, any one of which could have been kicked off for this rocker.

  62. Estoy hiper feliz , yo fabrique el tótem “Romeos” neones y capilla que salen El el minuto 1,54, que increíble trabajar para concept y su hotel Romeos .
    Feliz de que mi trabajo se vea en un video de la que es mi banda de toda la vida

  63. Too much background noise. Fortunately, if you just want to hear the damn song, you can find the original audio here on Youtube…

  64. Nunca me conformei dessa música ter ficado de fora dos discos deles, pra mim é uma das melhores faixas dos Stones ever!

  65. Yesss 😝 that’s what I needed today! How could you hide this for so long?
    Cool, sexy….simply feel good music!
    Keep on rolling my Friends, forever✌

  66. Criss cross: la canzone può andare semplicemente perché è dei Rolling Stones….ma il video proprio non mi piace.

  67. What does The Rolling Stones and AC/DC have in common ? Well they have the ability to repeat themselves endlessly wothout losing coolness . This riff is 60% Brown Sugar guys. That’s why it was never in the album in the first place . But it’s cool. I would still listen to 20 different versions of Brown Sugar all day than anything on the Billboard today.

  68. great song and dumbest video ever, yay- another chick paid to be naked, theres enough interesting video from that era to see rather than a boring video of a girl who surely thinks morons are paying here for whatever that was. as a 50 year fan, i ask, are they really just pathetic dirty old men?

  69. Sorry, but this boring dirge and banal lyrics are not in any way redeemed by the predictably crass (and very 1980’s Duran Duran – esque) video of some poser tart cavorting around with her tits out ! I’m being extremely generous by awarding it 2 /10.

  70. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  71. They’re the Rolling Stones, and we’re not, but we are seriously glad that they are the hottest rock and roll band in the world.

  72. WTF. Are the Stones ever gonna grow up? This promo is great for the just post-pubescent males they’re trying to reach, but gimme a break. It’s 2020. Pathetic, utterly transparent grasp for hormone-driven teen boys. C’mon Mick‑‑-love the band, love the music . . . but time you respected women, especially those who are Stones fans, most of whom will find this video a complete turn-off & rightfully so. This is just cheesy, infantile shlock. You guys can do better. Grow up.

  73. that’s pretty embarrassing. It would have been a nice instrumental, but the lyrics are atrocious. The girl is certainly the one interesting thing about the video but if you don’t have a song, go ahead and throw in some nudity. It works.

  74. Love the stones but this is not one of their best efforts. Still being how old? Older than most gone through hell a few times lol still kicking and making music. Hats off !

  75. That flipping bass line , just holds everything together. It’s only rock n roll, but I like it. How many more gems.

  76. Great, just great, im loving it! Loving how this song catches you. Just like from sticky fingers album from 71 (i guess) Hope this song would have been released before and they were younger. Still great. Thanks for keeping the rock alive. Loving you guys and your stuff ❤

  77. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  78. All Rolling Stones albums should come with a coupon for a free bar of soap because I feel so dirty after listening to this song……

  79. The two different bootleg versions of this that have been out for decades are much better than what was put together here. Cross Cross Man or Criss Cross Mind was the title on bootlegs.

  80. I have acquired tons, TONS of Rolling Stones bootlegs over the decades, both live and studio. — ONLY The Stones. (No one else is worth the effort and expense. Not Bruce, not Zep, NO ONE.)
    And as a collector, I’ve had several versions of “Criss Cross Man”. — This song was worked on during the Goats Head Soup recording sessions 1972-73 but was never completed. — This is not a “finished” song. — The lyrics here are mostly what I call “placeholders”, which are typical of the Stones sessions. — They’ll work on the instruments and arrangements and stuff, and then do the lyrics seriously.
    This “Criss Cross Man” track would have developed into something really awesome, but knowing the Stones, I would bet the house that if they HAD finished this song and released it on GOATS HEAD SOUP, then “Silver Train” would have been left off.
    Other bands do that too. For example, think Led Zeppelin’s “Houses Of The Holy” album from the same year. They decided to include the song “Dancing Days” on there, and NOT the title track HOTH. Why? Because those two songs sound similar, so they didn’t want to include both (if there was room on the album.) — So the SONG “Houses Of The Holy” was left off in favor of “Dancing Days”. HOTH would appear on their next album, a double album, “Physical Graffiti”, as one of six previously unreleased songs. (Only eight of the songs on PG were brand new.)
    So back to The Stones, a lot of great things were left off it, and there next one “It’s Only Rock And Roll” (1974) as they were afraid double albums would not fare so well with the economy the way it was. — EOMS was a double album, as were “Hot Rocks” and “More Hot Rocks”. They didn’t want to take a chance on yet another double album.
    But like other posters have said here and elsewhere, the Stones’ unreleased stuff is better than the crap today’s artists come out with that’s officially released. ➔ FACT!
    The Rolling Stones ➔ ➔ God’s gift to mankind.

  81. Ce style de variation sur l open tuning de sol disparaîtra avec les stones comme la fugue a disparu avec Bach: poussé à la perfection, après, faut passer à autre chose

  82. Solid song. But they could tune up and I would dig it.
    Hackneyed vid. Horrid. The instagram generation on speed. Zero style.

  83. This is good but I wonder how much 2020 post-production this tune went through. It sounds weirdly modern and I don’t mean the tune itself, the production is very slick pro-tools all cleaned up and padded out. Good though whatever the case.

  84. The Rolling Stones have an irresistible style. Almost as good as Elvis in his prime. This is a perfect example of a BS “musical” composition that still captures attention. The hot chicks don’t hurt either!

  85. Hmmmmm……I am a huge fan of The Stones, but I really feel that this video is sexist and beneath them. Not to mention that it’s boring. So it was directed by a what? It still comes across as sexist and blatant objectification of a woman. Nothing at all arty or edgy about that. Seems very out of touch with the times. Come on guys, you can do better than this.

  86. Remember that the biggest album of their career, Tattoo You, was made up of a bunch of songs that were rejects from previous albums.

  87. A partir del 3:38 hasta el final se escucha el saxo de Bobby !!
    Se “olvidaron” de incluirlo en los créditos

  88. I like it. A lot! But I like the original bootleg better. There’s something even more sleazier about the 1973 version. IMOH. Namaste everyone! The director’s name is Diana Kunst; from Madrid. Check her out!

  89. I’m afraid this will be the end of the Rolling Stones – because “activists” will run AMOK because of the “sexist” video! What a world … 😉

  90. Normally I’d be disappointed that we didn’t get to see the band in this clip but, on this occasion, I’m not complaining.

  91. If my own mother were to die, it would pale in comparison to any single member of the stones, I mean I’m still getting over Brian Jones and he died 28 years before I was born

  92. Wow.. Just amazed at how they still got the groove the vibe !!!👄👅👄👍👍👍👍

  93. The typical Rolling Stones’ sound from early 1970s, still wonderful to this day! Great track…reminds me of ‘Rocks Off’ and ‘All Down The Line’!

  94. Yes I don’t know why ghs and its only rock and roll are given the shaft by certain people….as Keith has said,you hold up one record and you say its crap,but you liked the last one which you complained about…..I personally like…luxury, star star,coming down again,time Waits for no one,heartbreaker,… My English teacher Mr garrity at figtree high used to tell us callowed youth, of his attendance at the rolling stones at randwick race track in 1973….memories

  95. We once opened for The Stones back in the early 1960’s and the late Ian Stewart, the 6th Stone who we knew well, loved our version of our Decca recording – please take a moment to have a look at this link as I managed to get our old band The Presidents back together to perform the long lost recording made in 1965 that was found in 2018, and released that June. A mystery as The Stones released their version on their Out Of Our Heads Decca album??

  96. ¡¡¡KEEP ON ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD!!! Nadie dice “BAAyyBEE” con tantísima lujuria como Mick. Gracias camaradas por el regalito!

  97. This is what’s going on in Micks mind, at least have to show some skin in the video, classic, Rock On, Mick, Keith, Ronny, XX-

  98. Not bad ! Interesting sound…. new rolling stones videos do tend to look like they have been directed & performed by their slightly spoilt grandchildren & co but so what

  99. It’s politically correct to show naked/highly suggestive for a nano second, but no longer.
    What bullshit … this isn’t Stones – it’s closer to porn.

  100. Altough I started to appreciate the band a lot later.. I wish they would make a gig in Finland, I would happily buy that ticket, and even offer our family summer cabin/farm to their use.. It would be most epic thing ever.. Rollarit suomen vanhimmalla seudulla löhöilemäs.. maybe even picking up some old iron from the ironlake..

  101. Pinche Criss Cross ya hasta canción tiene
    Para cuándo sacan una de la Yoli de Limón o de gargajin?
    O un feat con Saúl Hernández de caifanes y jaguares

  102. Dioses Magicos de Tiempos Sin Fin, Eternos Brujos de mi Alma, siempre estimulados y estimulando sensaciones maravillosas, Creadores Geniales… Gracias Chicos Eternos.

  103. oh well, “Living in a ghost town” is so much better. This sounds more like a rip-off of their own earlier songs.

  104. This is a song about a bi guy who’s been favoring dudes until he meets this girl who gives him a “criss cross mind” again.

  105. So happy to hear this. It’s amazing how cool they were. I grew up listening to The Stones in the 70’s along with Goats Head Soup from which this track was not included. As I listened to this with headphones, eyes closed, it created a feeling way down in the gut like when I first heard music from this album. This is truly like discovering a letter that wasn’t opened from your grandmother in some dusty drawer. Immediately I’m transported back to another moment in time. Was it real?

    But the more I got wrapped into this modern video, the less I liked the song. I miss the old days when you just put on a record and let your imagination go into it. This video is just goofy. I’m beginning to see where music really went wrong with MTV in the 80s. Shut your eyes folks. Shut your eyes. And open your ears. That’s where it belongs.

  106. Los amo…podríamos cambiar un poquito los videos…siempre una chica delgada en la carretera…o paseando ..mostrando su cuerpo…mmmm… mas de lo mismo ..el flash back …
    El video no me sorprendio🙄😔

  107. A real blast from the past. Rocks off meets Brown Sugar in a good way. Think the video is a bit risqué, though, which is good!

  108. Imagine if this had come out in 1973, it certainly deserved to come out officially, regarding the video I love the girl when she makes her movements, yeah! Save me !!!

  109. Producer: Jimmy Miller. Sound engineer: Andy Johns. Recorded at Dynamic Sound, Kingston, Jamaica in November and/or December 1972 and London, Island Studios in Spring 1973.
    Composers (Jagger/Richards/Taylor)
    Line-up: Mick Jagger (voc)/Keith Richards (gtr)/Mick Taylor (bass)/Charlie Watts (dr)/Billy Preston (keyb)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Jim Keltner (perc). Info from

  110. I’ve been a big fan of this song for well over 40 years on bootleg vinyl albums. Some different lyrics and better mix now. I hate the video with sexually objectifying a woman. You wouldn’t see them doing a video like that with a man.

  111. I’d like to see the clip frame by frame. This astonishingly beautiful woman deserves it! This song wouldn’t be than a mere leftover (mezzo Brown Sugar mezzo Star Star) without her. Deus salve as latinas!!

  112. It’s crazy to think that rock hasn’t been on billboard charts since the early 2000s. Rap and pop been taking over. Before I die, I hope to see rock take over the charts

  113. Slow the photo montage down at the :34 to :35 mark, and you’ll see the young lady is wearing an Iron Maiden shirt. Even the RS boys know Iron Maiden is cool. #UpTheIrons.


  115. Шикарно! Спустя столько лет и все равно песня звучит шикарно! БОГИ!!!

  116. No puedo creer que el Cristian w2m hizo un papel tan increíble, que hasta los rolling stones le hicieron una canción a su nombre ❤️

  117. Ok Song but Cool Video. Though I have to wonder why Nudity(and quite a bit of it) is OK for some to show and not ok for Others.

  118. Goats Head is their most underrated album, but I def think this song should have been included on there, unless it went unfinished back then.

  119. Haha great song. The only thing New is actually the video and mixing (and some of the vocals). Also, It seens like they cut off Mick Taylor amazing wah wah work on that track. His guitar really adds a depth acting like a counterpoint to Keith’s. Im missing It a bit. But, great as always. Its the Rolling fucking Stones!!!

  120. they more than likely have another 60 years worth locked away worlds greatest rock and roll band past present and future

  121. Os Stones são foda, cara. Fazem a música mais instigante, sexy, atrevida, sacana, balançada que eu já ouvi na minha vida. Essa é só mais uma dentre várias pérolas, muitas delas desconhecidas do público médio, da obra da banda. Tem igual ñ.

  122. Despite I sound like hater sometimes this is a good song
    Better than any undercover tune hope they don’t deluxe dirty work.

  123. When Goats Head Soup came out I was deep in puupy love and the song Angie has a story in it self. I was in 5th grade and the music teacher would let one student bring in a 45 of there favorite song. My name got picked and I was a long haired undesireable. And i brought in the 45 of Angie and after it was played the a hole jock types called me a flammer. But the cute girls came up and gave me a hug. When class was over and all were leaving ,including myself. The teacher called me to here desk and she said. Richard I was scared when your name came up because I had know idea what you mite bring in but that was one of the most wonderful song I have ever heard. And she was old school music. And my brother named his first daughter Angie because of this song and she turned out to be a great lady with her own family but I have not heard from here in many years.Angie my dear niece if you see this I would love to here from you. I am still in Medina, Ohio. Buy the way, who is this model in the video.This video is new not old school. Just curious?

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  127. Now, imagine somebody saying this video objectifies women, only to be directed by somebody named Diana Kunst, which sounds like a woman’s name. Some of the best rock music I listen to that isn’t about heaviness, which is my thing.

  128. Great track Goats Head Soup is the most underrated Stones record. Get ready for some heresy it’s better then Exile on Main Street or Sticky Fingers.

  129. You know what’s great about this video? Hearing the sound of the subway and other engines, conversations, etc actually dubbed over the music and interrupting it. I’m being sarcastic. That’s f’ing ridiculous, annoying, and distracting.

  130. Jagger once said in an interview that the stones have literally closets full of unfinished, unreleased and unmastered work. What a treat for their heirs to get to release to the public in the coming decades. Love my boys. 💜💜💜💜💜

  131. So this girls major talent is to be a dirty latina? Thanks stones. Maintaining decent society as usual with a bad video and a half-hearted song

  132. It’s funny how “Rocks” from Primal Scream sounds just like this one:) Both great songs…and yes, lot’s of Primal Scream songs sounds just like the Stones. I used to call them “The 90’s Stones”.

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  134. I was second generation Stones freak 🤪❗ When “Goats head” came out it wasn’t well received, but to me it was a new beginning of the Stone’s. Then “Black n Blue” came out . Again wasn’t well received , but confirmed to me the Stone’s as just not the Greatest Rick n roll band but also many other genres of music. The Stone’s never lost their way and I’m glad they didn’t lose this tune 😎❗

  135. So long as Mick is collecting interest on the six hundred bucks I dished out for the “postponed” concert date at Ford Field in Detroit… I suppose this helps to ride out the tide. Snicker.

  136. If you would know that the song represents the female energy that took complete control over this sociocultural system around the world. Jesus is the way to pure life and freedom not this licentious crap. Needed to be said.

  137. I’ve watched this 50 times already and listened to it 50 more. In love. Goats Head Soup is groovy, I hope Mr Wattttts 😋 was drummin’ on the other ones too. Love it
    She reminds me of me, always nakie.
    Makin me miss pre-corona

  138. the weakest album in the Band´s History, potentiated with brussel´s affair – is ANOTHER warmed soup !
    A EMOTIONAL RESCUE 40th anniversary Box it would have been nice !!!

  139. I am fully familiar with the material on SW, VL, BTB & ABB. The material sucks. The Stones reconvened in 1989 to keep cashing in & taking victory laps. There has been no genuine collaborative relationship between J & R since the late 70s. Tattoo You was great but consisted of vault tracks and at least in 1983 (Undercover) there was still a whiff of the old mojo. From Steel Wheels on it’s just been (often embarrassing) decline. In a perfect world The Rolling Stones would never have survived the 80s. In which case their legacy would still be pristine today. Unfortunately they didn’t know when to say when ….and it’s all about $.

  140. Did you see Satan at 3:48 ? I’m not talking about her hat.
    Satan may have been shocking in 1969, but it is downright
    Disgusting and Disturbing in Apocalyptic 2020.

  141. Aren’t they ingenious? Recycle their own, often redundant stuff and still get LIKES. Or are the positive comments distracted by that unbearable teeny-clotheshanger video? (I would have preferred Marianne Faithfull, or at least Karis & Jade Jagger eating ice-cream in a rocking chair.)

  142. It never quite seems to get off the ground. But even here, you can see what a difference there is from Wyman to Darrell now. He just drags the band down now, he’s so slow. Wyman at least puts the groove into a rocking chair and you can swing to it. After all these years, Darrell Jones just depresses the shit out of the music. I think the Stones just took the first guy that everyone could half-ass agree on because they were lazy.

  143. Why don’t the Stones ever become not relevant because every once in a while they put a hit out to make them relevant again. GREAT SONG from Goats Head for 2020

  144. Mick jagger and Keith Richards have forgotten more great music than I think anyone else on this earth could ever produce

  145. That is the proof, without Jones or Taylor it is a amusement single song, due for the time it took to releas it!

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  147. In the context of current events, the clip is simply tragic – a chronicle of the movements of a meaningless creature, almost ceased to be a human being

  148. “Baby
    Save me, ooh
    Save me, ah
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Save me
    Save me, ooh
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Giving me a criss cross mind
    Ooh, I got a lot of knots in my hair
    Oh, I can’t seem to straighten out
    And I think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah, here come a lady
    Giving’me a criss cross mind
    Save me
    Save me
    Touch me
    Kiss me
    Lip to lip
    Tip to tip
    Skin to skin
    Skin to skin
    Tongue to tongue
    Touch me, baby
    Eye to eye
    Tooth to tooth
    Back to back, back and front
    Head to head, toe to toe
    Touch me, baby, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, here come a lady
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind
    Yeah, mama walkin’ around in the rain
    Yeah, she want you every night
    And I think I need a blood transfusion
    Yeah, here come a woman
    Givin’ me a criss cross mind….

  149. Wow this song doesn’t sound dated. Unreleased material from the 70s?…………YEAHHHH I’m all over this. But I wonder if the Stones even own the copyright to these songs. If they do, they’re sitting on gold.

  150. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful to listen to The Rolling Stones

    Make today a beautiful day my friends and think positive thoughts.


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    ~Always your critic… your one and only Lone Star Sweetheart 💚🎤🎵

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  164. It’s truly amazing how the Rolling Stones can write the same song so often, and no-one seems to care. Genius. I guess.

  165. My top E tuner broke on one of my Strats so I decided to just tune the rest to open G after seeing Keith Richards show some guy on YouTube how he does it. I’ve learned to play a lot of his stuff since and have a new appreciation for Keith’s style

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    The girl is beautiful 😊

  167. In the old days Bobby Keyes would have honked a sax solo and Billy Preston would have boogied a funky keyboard part and most importantly Mick Taylor would have added a stinging solo. But I do like this how it is now.

  168. This was recorded in Kingston Jamaica on Dinamic Sound Recording Studio in 1973 where Bob Marley and the Wailers recorded the Catch a Fire album.

  169. Goes to show you how incredible they were with Mick Taylor that they could sit on such a great song and release it 47 years later and it’s probably the best new rock song you’ll hear all year. Always wished they would have brought Mick back.. even as a 3 guitar lineup. He was by far their best gtr player!

  170. Very underrated Stones album, yet definitely in the top 5.
    Doo doo doo doo doo is the ultimate hard rocker song, their best one in the 70s.

  171. The end of the Rolling Stones came with this album. After Miller, they were lost, a parody of 1968-1974 vintage. This is a decent track, but nothing more – a mashup of Brown Sugar, Tumbling Dice and something else. It’s typically well recorded and produced with the JM percussion giving it a groove that pre-Miller and post Miller production lacked. But I like it.

  172. The song’s great but this red hot very attractive Spanish model Guindilla Ontanaya in the video is most definitely the “new every man’s fantasy”…..My God this woman is truly beautiful,very sexy all the way to the max! Looking at her on video and in some of her Instagram pics I saw “WOW!”……If Guindilla here doesn’t arouse you the way she arouses me especially stating this comment at 10 a.m. ET on my day off from work then you may have a problem. She’s just the type of woman you would just like to make love to everyday. Hugs and lotsa kisses etc to Ms.Ontanaya! A true beauty! Note to Mick,Keith,Charlie and Ronnie,you guys have simply chosen the most beautiful and totally very kinky sexy model yet on your videos and because of you guys well Ms.Ontanaya as this new decade of ours continues is plain and simple going to turn on Americans’ heads even more and putting great smiles on our faces too which all of us all over the world need at this time and we as longtime fans thank you for this new video too.

  173. Hey guys! Watch! I bet you in a few years these guys are going to be huge!!!!

    In no time!
    They’re going to be on the radio every 5 minutes!!
    These new young guys have talent!!

  174. Today is exactly 13 years since the concert of the legendary Rolling Stones in Belgrade, Serbia, in Usce Park! I remember it was a hot July day, incredible energy and excitement, 80,000 people were in a trance when the lights went out and when they came on stage and started with “Start Me Up”, I will remember that spectacle for the rest of my life 🙂 !!!

  175. A LOT of elements conspired to create TRSs. (Read “2STONED” by Andrew Oldham). Here’s another out-take riff, but I’m with Keith – “‘Goats Head” – that period, was “Junkie Music'”. Their legacy rests firmly on 4 bedposts – “Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile.” After that, last great song in my book? “Beast Of Burden.” Still remain on the tip of everybody’s “tongue”, and hey who else has Charlie Watts?

  176. Shame on you old men of the Rolling Stones, the girl in the clip you are sexifying could be your grand daughter here or even your great-grandchild!

  177. This is a brand new composition. Not a ‘John wrote this yrs ago and we binned it’ type new. Brand new. It’s vintage. Brilliant. Long live The Kings.