Five Finger Death Punch – A Little Bit Off (Official Music Video)

Five Finger Death Punch – A Little Bit Off (Official Music Video)

Official music video for ‘A Little Bit Off’ from the new album ‘F8’.
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Directed By Rob Anderson
Sketches by: Jordan Kerbow /

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  1. Been my favorite metal band since day one ☝🏽, always got sum for my mood , can’t wait to see y’all live 🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. I love this song so im very happy about the music video being out. But isnt it like 12:05 😐😐😐😐

  3. So happy to see this video. I am a chef in a nursing home. This whole world is in chaos. This song describes all of us in this day and age. Love you guys for releasing this.

  4. Great, now my neighbors have to listen to this on repeat with me at 11 at night. I’m not actually being sarcastic, this is fucking amazing and everyone needs to see and hear it.

  5. I’m a little bit off today, something down inside me’s different
    Woke up a little off today, I can tell that something’s wrong
    I’m a little thrown off today, there’s something going on inside me
    I’m a little bit off today, a little bit off today
    (I’m a little bit off today, a little bit off)
    See, I’m a little bit off today, I cannot put my finger on it
    Got up a little off today, just to play that same old song
    I don’t really wanna try today, I see nothing in my reflection
    I’m a little bit dry today, feel like I could die today
    Feel like I could die today
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)
    I’m a little pissed off today and there ain’t nothing you can do about it
    I’m a little put off today and I could not tell you why
    Got a really short fuse today, everyone around me’s fucking crazy
    I’m a little ticked off today, a little pissed off today
    (I’m a little bit off today)
    I told a little white lie today, I smiled and told someone I loved them
    I had to say goodbye today to someone that I love
    I couldn’t even cry today, I think my heart is finally broken
    Didn’t need a reason why today, I don’t need a reason why today
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)
    I got a little too high today, got lost inside a sea of madness
    Crashed a little bit hard today, crashed a little too hard today
    Everybody sing
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)
    I’m a little bit off today
    Something down inside me feels so different
    Just a little bit off today
    You can all fuck off today

  6. If it’s not too much trouble I think they should make one with the story board they had planned when this time passes.

  7. I abwlove this song. It speaks to me on so many different levels. 🤘 #F8 #KnuckleheadForLife #alittlebitoff

  8. Loved it guys, with all this drama going on it’s a VERY welcome relief to see you are all just as tired as we are hop y’all stay safe
    From Washington much love

  9. For a film crew and band that had to put this together during quarantine, this was pulled off really well!! Loved the illustrations!!! ❤️

  10. Hell yeah boys keep up the great work I want to personally say thank you to all of you you guys are the reason I am here on this planet today and have been able to meet the love of my life you guys have gotten me through times where I had a pill bottle in my hand ready and a new song came out and distracted me long enough to make me feel ok again I want to also say that I am so sorry that I won’t be able to make it to the November show in Detroit as that’s the closest one but I just don’t have the money and I want my first time seeing you guys in person to have vip passes and be able to shake your hands and tell you in person thank you guys for everything five finger forever ill catch you guys some other concert for sure

  11. My favorite band. My favorite song. Today is my favorite day)
    Спасибо вам! Ваши песни и клипы — шедевры. Без исключений.

  12. The second I got this notification I flipped out because this is by far one of my favorite songs at the current moment. I finished what I was doing and then tapped on the video. I love this song so much! I don’t even care that it’s a little past midnight I’m still here! This video was sort of interesting considering the current circumstances.

    Also this video is still nice even though it doesn’t have everything in it. But the editing was great that’s for sure.

  13. I fucking love your music
    My day isn’t complete without listen to at least one song by FFDP
    Awesome vid
    Fucking amazing

  14. Here at 107 Views I absolutely love this song! I was counting down the days before this album released. Great work!!

  15. This is really strange. Not the song, but I accidentally subbed to FFDP without realizing it a couple days ago. A nice coincidence. I kind of wish Ivan got out his black hat and outfit he used in “I Apologize” and was walking around with the shovel. Would’ve been a helluva callback. Great song, guys.

  16. Man, for a video about living a day/ any day and have that “angel of death” to kill you any time… Practically being the pawn in a chess game just feels weird. Makes me realize any moment in life you can die from the power of our angel of death’s hands any time, any day. Pretty gnarly to have a band like ffdp to tell that from video.

  17. Hello from Kyrgyzstan, that’s nice video and i have a nice morning now. Wishing you this too , people.
    Have a good health! 👏🙏

  18. so are we getting the completed version at a later date despite the (official….) or are we just left hangin?

  19. As much as I dig this video, I’m dying to see how the original video would’ve been. Those concepts looked so cool lol

  20. Songs off the album I want a music video for:
    1. Bottom of the top
    2. Brighter side of grey
    3.mother may I (tic toc)

  21. This is what every day is like dealing with anxiety and ptsd and mental illness.
    Stay safe everyone

  22. I love this song it’s my favorite from the album I love FFDP I don’t care what anyone says this band kicks ass

  23. this is really good. cant imagine how it would have looked had you guys been able to actually do it all together… was surprised to see it in my feed… thanks bros

  24. Gosh, this storyboard completed would’ve been absolutely astonishing,, though I can Not tell you how happy this being posted, as well as getting to see it beautifully done in place by imagination of it, gosh it’s incredible. And even though some really important stuff in it may have been missing, this was still so well done and absolutely GORGEOUS. Super glad to have been early to seeing this. This is truly something that’s made my evening.
    Keep up the glorious work, FFDP!! Still planning to see y’all in concert when it comes back around! This album was absolutely spot on. Please, ROCK ON, guys. Stay safe,, and keep up the Masterful work!!🖤🖤

  25. Fucking love it! Love the song 🤘🏻
    Showing Las Vegas is sad & awakening at the same time! Thank you 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤘🏻💞

  26. With Ivan’s past alcohol issues Ioved how he walked up to the liquor store, looked at it, then turned and walked away.

  27. Yo this video is awesome guys very creative for little resources and manpower this is hilarious well done a little too well.. Seems…. A little bit off.. 😉😁😁🤙

  28. This may not be the video we might have hoped to see, but it is amazing in the sense that this is a fuckin crazy time to be alive. It’s understandable why the video was shot the way it was, and it will be something to look back on in a decade from now and say wow….I remember that. I love you guys! Stay rockin!

  29. Honestly, this would be really cool if they remade this music video when we can all go back to our daily lives. I love this music video though #ffdp

  30. This is a really interesting music video. Takes the problem of the real world and puts in perspective for people to see. This is without a doubt the most creative music video I’ve ever seen. Amazing Job FFDP, I love you guys and your music. Keep on being amazing

  31. Absolutely EPIC ! Am I the only one who was sad Ivan was all alone but so proud he said FUCK YOU to the liquor store! 🖤🖤🖤

  32. Epic just F*@%ing EPIC!! 40 minutes to midnight!!! Little early but I’ll take it as a Birthday Present. Such meaning in a time of such pain, anger, and rage!!!

  33. First time within the 300 and below comment range lol, just wanted to say that I love your fucking work and I hope that you guys continue your great ass work and dont stop. Songs fucking amazing btw. Fucking rock on

  34. Love this song and side of ffdp, and especially how in this official video shows not only Ivan’s and the bands side but what the world is going threw at this time. Fucking way to go!!!!!

  35. Way to keep up sobriety by turning and walking away from the liquor store. I’d love to meet you Ivan🤘

  36. I just don’t have the time to make a difference always costs something ,warn down angels don’t have much left to give if they still need to live some sort of existent

  37. I am so excited for this music video. Great job everyone. I feel like when we all get out of the “quarantine BLUES”, that this will be a video that they will expand on to show that yes, WE, were all a little thrown off, but we still got through it. Love you guys!

  38. I liked it I was honestly glad they didn’t put in that boring guitar solo I’ve heard a million times 😌

  39. And honestly who the hell can pull this look off lmao, fedora in a football jersey with chains but looks looks badass and not like a dweeb? Not gonna lie on its a good look for the man

  40. You really forget how empty cities are now. It’s really like nothing’s changed out in the country. Everyone is still running around like normal, businesses are closed but it’s not like people care.

  41. Gotta admit the liquor store scene got me. Quit drinking a year ago and being stuck by myself other than work was rough.

  42. In spite of the original story board being ruined due to the virus, it oddly ended up having a different twist to it, giving it more of an isolated and eerie feeling. A very good example of making what you can with limited resources.

  43. I was expecting bright side of gray or leave it all behind, in an animated style like coming down but, it’s ffdp I always like 🤗

  44. The depiction of the devil, followed by a shot of a liquor store while Ivan stares at it is an absolutely amazing form of symbolism.

    Congrats on the sobriety brother

  45. I have been a fan when my dad introduced me to you guys in 2013 or 14 I was about I as 6 or 7 at the time, When you guys came down to Florida in September of 2019 to the vystar memorial arena, for my second time my first time was Rockville of 2018. U guys keep up the great work. Hello from Florida!

  46. Please tell me they are planning to actually do the story board when the virus crap blows over. The ideas they showed were amazing

  47. It’s super cool to see the chess game between Chris and Zoltan was real: 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Bc5 3. Qf3 Nh6 4. d4 Bxd4 5. Bxh6 gxh6 6. Qxf7# (a few cuts but that was the game). Lots of other movies/videos bullshit the rules of chess. It’s the attention to detail that’s refreshing. Props FFDP!

  48. the people watching were head bangin so hard they accidentally hit the dislike button 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  49. FUCK YEAH!!! New FFDP song? This is the good news we all needed during this craziness in the world. Thank you!

  50. As is the video is amazing considering the hurdles you had to go through but from seeing and reading do you guys have the intention to re-release after the quarantine ends?

  51. Please do a Bottom of the Top music video, you’re the best❤

    Edit: Also I love the illustrations and the temptation for Ivan was the thought of him returning to the bottle, congrats on being clean, man.😎

  52. Lol it’s a little cough with less that 1% lethality. None of them are over 65 so there was never a need to worry.

  53. Absolutely love it!! Hands down The best video I’ve seen during this quarantine!! Love the storyboard! 🖤🖤🤘🤘

  54. For what you guys had to put up with and the limited things you had you guys did fucken awesome love the video and all the others you guys have done 5fdp for life

  55. Years from now this will be like wrong side of heaven and others, will be a classic with millions of views. That would be crazy to see remembering seeing this 2 hours after it was released in the crazy situation that was going on in the world.

  56. This was really awesome for being made in quarantine. Hope to see the planned one whenever this is all over! Btw I really loved the song!!

  57. yall know exactly how the ol saying goe`s everyone has their OFF day`s. mine`s just a little pissed off. song is really called a LITTLE BIT PISSED OFF thats why it says a little bit off.SENSORED PISSED.

  58. Amazing for what you guys could do with such a little team. But where was Charlie? Guessing he couldn’t travel from Minnesota

  59. OMG, You are awesome guys !! f..cking corona did not diminish your creativity and once again Ivan you know to put the points on the I: Life, Death – finally, our existence and its end are decided at the end of the game chess. Seeing Vegas empty added realism to this reality. Love this song’s interpretation too much !!

  60. I thought this song was so mundane and really indicative of the dead end of this group. FFDP was the greatest metal band for 2005-2015 but they reached a level which can’t be topped. They should stop and let their classics be just that. This song was average at best and that’s not FFDP at all

  61. Not many bands or musicians would make their music video about or in the middle of a pandemic.
    Add to the list of why I love this band.

  62. Funny how this comes out as im playing new vegas, my favorite fallout game, while listening to one of my fav bands, from las vegas, so imma listen to this again while traverseing the divide and the mojave

  63. This is awesome! It reflects the kind of attitude we’ve all been having since COVID-19 hit us. Stay strong fellow rockers! 🤟

  64. I love this song I came across it accidentally but I’m glad I found it. Describes the depression I’ve been going through but I don’t know exactly what’s causing it and it’s affecting my performance in my job

  65. Thank you guys for cranking this out for your fans😘❤..
    (all of us are dealing with changes that happened overnight)…Coved-19 sux…
    it has been rough.
    ❤ Help each other always ❤
    my fellow rockers..stay strong, stay safe

  66. ngl i really didn’t like this song for a long time but it’s growing on me a lot and it’s one of my favorites by them

  67. Пролистал тучу коментарии ,нету наших Русских аудио слушателей, эх((( Красавцы,дальше слушаю вас!

  68. This song was basically my theme song while i was deployed to nyc for this shitty virus . love the video you guys are awesome

  69. I really missed seeing Jason & Charlie in this, but it was still a really good video!!! I love this song & love this band so much!

  70. This is my favorite FFDP music video hands down, I hope that I actually get the opportunity to get a vip ticket one of these days.

  71. This video was awesome even though it wasn’t the original concept you guys wanted, maybe when this is all over you could have someone animate over the top and add in the original ideas or even realise a whole new video, either way, love you guys

  72. One of my personal favorites off the album. Awwww who the fuck am I kidding every song they release touches my soul. Thanxs you guys. Much love from Washington

  73. This album has been in my CD player for months now. Just wanted to show some appreciation to Ivan for really throwing himself out there in these moments! Glad to see one of my favorite bands really showing promise as a group moving forward.

  74. Awesome video guys! Nagyon jó video srácok! (Csak,hogy Zoli,olvasson magyar kommentet)🤘🔊🔊☺ Csak így tovább 5FDP! Várunk vissza Magyarországra Titeket!☺🤘

  75. What i gotta say is that Ivan was completely right about all the stuff in his video where he talked about Covid-19 and stuff. (See: “I’m gonna catch heat for saying this”) Nor right or left help us right now! And no need to even talk about the shameful death of George Floyd. All you healthy and sick people out there, go through all the shit you have to go through! Never give up!

  76. This is what I LOVE about FFDP they do NOT do videos often but when they do (even when in the middle of a pandemic and NOTHING like they originally wanted) the video is amazing and speaks volumes! So many points in here that fit so beautifully that once again reminds me why I live these guys.
    1. They support ppl like my husband who is an army vet 100% disabled with PTSD and depression and has a hard time living his life sometimes.
    2. They support the military that is still active, first responders.
    3. They are a band who is NOT afraid to show they are fallible and human like everyone else.
    4. They are very down to earth guys who have huge hearts.
    These 4 things make them one of the best bands and ppl in the position to influence young minds in my opinion.

    Thank you guys for being you and caring.

    Michelle B. – Maine USA

  77. No crowd to see him walk sincity. I live here too. I wish i could have seen you. Prayers and love to you man❤

  78. One of the best songs on the album.could also be the theme tune for this whole sorry year. I must of listened the song a half a dozen times every day the last few weeks.well done guys

  79. Been a big fan since I was a kid and I’ve listened to you guys through all the ups and downs in my life. I recently got sober and now im finally getting the balls to enlist in the air force like ive always wanted. I only wish I made better decisions sooner. Rock on 5fdp, ill jam to you shit till I’m knocking on the gates of hell

  80. Was I the only one that thought Zoltan was playing chess with God f##k. Didn’t realise it was Chris .Sure when you feel a little bit off it feels like your walking around by yourself anyways . 🐉☘🕊

  81. Dude, I’m overwhelmed by how amazing this song and video are.
    This is so fucking creative.
    Geniuses. They are geniuses.

  82. The only thing that is true and that you can actually Beleive is that we as a species are experiencing is “SoCiAoL INcoNCistaANCE” . Love to ALL LOSt All Hurting. Great song!!!

  83. First sorry for the Crew. But i Think the street sence need a Bit more Emotion. Like rageing about all the closed Shops and at the end the’s geting a call that he’s fired because the company can’t pay hin anymore.

  84. Where is Jason Hook and the Engine?
    Also, I’ve read that 5fdp is working with a keyboard player named Janne Wirman?

  85. As awesome as that storyboard is, this was hilarious so I’m not too sad that the original idea didn’t pan out 😂

  86. I love it!
    Thank you for this wonderful sharing, it is a rather confusing period that upsets our little habits but it is not an end, I hope it will be a renewal or all living beings of this planet will live in harmony hand in hand

  87. Honestly the different way you did this song from all your others surprised me, this song is amazing and well done for putting this together in quarantine

  88. Really interesting concept, I have to agree that it feels off not living a normal life with us all being in quarantine. And then not being able to see my family until this shit is over. Years from now when my kids see this that they will question if this was real. Love the songs, the band and the ideas they come up with

  89. Literally my new favorite song I’ve been listening to it since it dropped..I have been feeling like this for awhile and I feel like my depression could be coming back but..thank you Ivam. This song is my theme song. Keep up the great work!!

  90. Okay so this is a long shot, and totally understood if this doesn’t happen out of respect for the Man In Black; but a 5FDP cover of “Ain’t No Grave” would be absolutely incredible.

  91. Nothing but love for FFDP, simply and awesome song and can’t until this covid 19 crap is done so we all go and enjoy a FFDP concert , much love to all and stay safe as you can , peace to all.

  92. Hahahaaaa… this is sooo fucking classic.. so “today, all of you can fuck off”… this is exactly why i fuckin love ffdp.. and a music video during quarantine… off the charts..

  93. Bloody amazing how you’ve pulled this off. The original scene idea was brilliant too, but the way you’ve adapt everything to the current situation made it even better! I’m glad you’ve done it! I loved the song anyway, but now I love even more! Thanks guys! 😉

  94. Wow.. this is incredible! I love that you’ve incorporated the real world into the video and that the virus has haulted everything! Wow this is amazing, loved it 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  95. Regardless of the situation, thank you for giving us an idea of what the video was gonna be, and thank you for an amazing song. This song is one of the main things that’s helped me the last couple of months. This is why you guys are one of my favorite bands in the world, all the love and respect to Ivan and the band. 🔥🤘❤

  96. Such an awsome song <3 I love you guys o.o Does anyone knows the artist of the picture at 1:39 ? Would be cool to know it <3

  97. Дизлайки ставят те кто не понял смысл.. мне понравилось, и смысл понятен🤔 парни как всегда на высоте😊

  98. Love the song buttttttttttt that’s not how chess works the king could have just killed the queen and even if he wasn’t in check mate he had atleat 1 move they could have done
    No disrespect I loved the song it was a mood but keep up the good work I love you guys and if your tour isn’t cancelled I’ll probably see you guys live in Portland oregon

    Keep it up your amazing <3<3<3

  99. Omg if anyone says they’ve never felt like this b4, they’re lying!!!! Whats epic af is that I heard this for the first time when I was feeling this exact way too. I’m finding when your sober you dont sleep as well and that adds to it, maybe thats just me? The end of the song is priceless, coz anyone negative that crosses my path, I tell them “go F ur self”, thats my ‘go-to’ expression!!!! Yep I have a potty mouth, but I keep it real too!! 🤭🤭🤣🤣🖤🖤🤘🤘💯💯🤟🤟 Hey guys, although you had different vision for the video, its great!!! Its trippy af to see Vegas so empty 😲🤯

  100. For some reason I felt some sort of happiness listening to the song and the video helped a lot. I think it’s a very well done video and i rarely like videos nowdays but it’s simple and carefree, it really felt like we took a trip inside Ivan’s thoughts while he was just taking a walk in the empty streets of Vegas and those thoughts are the song. love it!

  101. Thanx Guys! Love it. Oh, by the way, my oldest daughter Victoria, is making me a Grandpa in November. The best of the very best. Be safe.😉🦊🤘🤘

  102. Thanks guys 🤘😝🤘
    E-hug 🤗 mind the spikes lmao

  103. I’ve heard a lot of people say that you guys are not the same anymore, and that you guys have changed. Especially when it comes to making music videos. But I did a fan have you guys and have been listening to you guys since the Way of the Fist. The only change I’ve seen is evolution of Music over the years. And me personally, I’ve liked every single album y’all have put out. And to shoot this video at during quarantine is really damn impressive! Keep doing you and put out that awesome music you guys have put out for this long 👊💀🤘🇺🇸

  104. Sorry about the video not going as planned, guys. What you did come up with though. Honestly, I’m not a cartoon guy. Personally. I prefer this version. Nice way to end a song too, Ivan. “You can all fuck off today.”

  105. These guys still owe me $75 for the concert they only played 2 songs ( over a 30 minute period of them fighting ) then walked off stage.

  106. awsome work brother love ya keep up the awsome work love ya brother peace!

  107. This goes to show that when presented with circumstances beyond our control, (ie a virus) that unique creativity is still found. Seeing a deserted Las Vegas is such an epic circumstance as well. Never in my life did I think I would ever see that. Great video.

  108. Little continuity error on the phone times… 6:09 and then 5.34/5.38 when he starts responding but an ace video!

  109. The timing of the video, message of lyrics, and overall acknowledgement of our reality right now is spot on. Love the video 🤘🖤💙👊

  110. I really love this video and yeah given the crew shortage it was made very very good. God bless u guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏 we needed this #facts #ffdp

  111. Think the empty Vegas streets is a great setting for this song as the empty streets are “a little bit off”

  112. The “missing” pieces are so powerful. Its an amazing commentary on what “missing” pieces we all have in our lives right now.

  113. 🤟😷🖤 Definitely a Kick-Ass Quarantune that will go down in history for all of us going through this together
    🙏Praying we get to see FFDP @ Sprint Center in KCMO on Sunday Oct.25th

  114. Love this song do much since the release on the album. Feels like my state of mind lately. Wonder if they should do an alternative version of this clip to actually complete what they originally wanted to shoot.

  115. This song was daily me until all these current events… Then it became “I’m a lotta bit off today” every day lol.

  116. Man I hear you and I feel you and I would stand beside you and fight to the death against this New World Order full s*** and antifa but man you guys got to pull that song in stick it in a f****** drawer somewhere and pretend it never happened. I’m sorry man I never thought I would say this but that’s the worst song you guys have ever done that’s just probably the only bad song you guys have ever done yeah man going to let that one go that’s a that’s a dead horse man it ain’t going to do any good to Beat It please try again I know you can do better but this time let your anger come out feel that s*** like a punch to the f****** chest use that song Say What needs to be said about this Marshall f****** law and quarantine bulshit. Simplify

  117. I think I really love the video but you guys could still make another version of the video after the pandemic is over

  118. AWESOME!!! You guys absolutely rock!! Thank you for an amazing video shot during a time that our country was in quarantine. My dream is to see y’all in concert and hopefully I will be able to one day soon!! 🤘🤘🤘

  119. If I had a dollar for every time Ivan took his hat off and put it 😂 but to pull this off during this time is wonderful. Great job as always 5FDP!

  120. I love this version of the video, it would be sooo intresting to see how they actually planned on making this after this whole 😷 thing is over tho 🤩

  121. Kinda sums up the current times … Probably a more fitting video than the one they were intending to make …Awesome tune

  122. With everything going on, I needed this! I loved it. Loved the story board inserts. Just loved it. Already loved this song. Also has my favorite saying “You can all Fuck off Today!”

  123. Just had a family member pass from an OD and this song and video pretty much sum up my feelings about it. Thank you for posting…..

  124. Even with the challenges this was a great visual. Man is it a snapshot in time though. Anyone who goes back to this is going to be like, man do I remember that. And did it feel more than off.

  125. I know in this band they all write lyrics, then send to Ivan to see,. Would have to give some kind of award for this. Filming, writing, the music, it is all now, this is whats happening now, “the media lied today” very strong concidering. This track should trend, if not then i give up.

  126. I love your music thanks for working so hard for your fans thank you for the new song well played with the way the world is today keep up the great work guys.

  127. This song is the world, every day.. it’s absolute chaos, nobody has a clue where their heads are at.. this song is utter perfection, although, missing Jase, and Charlie. 😉

  128. Ivan, I’m sorry I didnt say hi and riff rest detroit. Was a little off at the concert. Love to meet up with u all again. Xo xo jobee

  129. Thank you for this! So crazy we all can relate. I love our metal community!! Hope everyone is well and have a great day!!

  130. Fuckin’ test the whole crew for Covid and then meet up.
    I would never understand why the government won’t give us the ability to get tested. Only when people feel “sick” they get tested and yeah, it’s Covid…
    Fishy as fuck , we will look back in a couple of years and wonder how the fuck were we so gullible.

  131. I absolutely love this song. You guys did a wonderful job with what little recourses that you had available to you. Keep up the great work! You guys are one of my favorite bands!

  132. This is so well done! Even tho you barely had anything to work with! <3 Keep on staying safe and we all love you!

  133. Wow my best chill back rock from 5fdp , this is soo cool, ur pulled it off guys ❤🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊

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  140. LYRICS

    I’m a little bit off today, something down inside me’s different
    Woke up a little off today, I can tell that something’s wrong
    I’m a little thrown off today, there’s something going on inside me
    I’m a little bit off today, a little bit off today
    (I’m a little bit off today, a little bit off)
    See, I’m a little bit off today, I cannot put my finger on it
    Got up a little off today, just to play that same old song
    I don’t really wanna try today, I see nothing in my reflection
    I’m a little bit dry today, feel like I could die today

    Feel like I could die today

    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)

    I’m a little pissed off today and there ain’t nothing you can do about it
    I’m a little put off today and I could not tell you why
    Got a really short fuse today, everyone around me’s fucking crazy
    I’m a little ticked off today, a little pissed off today
    (I’m a little bit off today)
    I told a little white lie today, I smiled and told someone I loved them
    I had to say goodbye today to someone that I love
    I couldn’t even cry today, I think my heart is finally broken
    Didn’t need a reason why today, I don’t need a reason why today

    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)

    I got a little too high today, got lost inside a sea of madness
    Crashed a little bit hard today, crashed a little too hard today
    Everybody sing

    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey yeah, don’t ya know? (I’m a little bit off)
    Hey yeah, hey yeah
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)
    Hey, you gotta let it go (I’m a little, just a little bit off)

    I’m a little bit off today
    Something down inside me feels so different
    Just a little bit off today
    You can all fuck off today

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  155. Trust me: find this documentary series –
    E U R O P A:
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    L A S T
    B A T T L E

    Our history is a giant lie, and the ilk behind it are running the world into a giant prison.

    Find this documentary series elsewhere, because it’s been banned here.

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    Your -1 +1 since i called you out to fist bump when Y’all went through the line waiting to get into the palladium.
    …but i told ya’ll id hear you on the radio. Always loved your music, but Y’all won me over with your support towards our Active and Former Military.
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