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The VOTG Show straight from south central Los Angeles


Chicano Rap straight from the varrio

Every Wednesdays at 7:00pm from the streets of South Central Los Angeles the homies bring you the “Voice of the Ghetto”. Gangster tracks from Los Angeles and surrounding counties while voicing out their opinions from the hood and beyond. One of the popular shows from Los Angeles in the evenings with a listener base from the west coast, Mexico, South American and Japan.

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Available our our Eyeon Radio FM station.

Tune in tonight & every Wednesday @ 7pm pst to an all new V.O.T.G Show on @eyekonradio .com #eyekonradiofm hosted by #lilsilent1 & #liltrust1 behind the boards. LINK IS IN THE BIO! Bumping them #votg1 classics. Don’t miss it! #eyekonradio #voice_of_the_ghetto #radioshow #internetradio #internetradioshow

Posted by Voice Of The Ghetto on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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