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Eyekon Radio: Unravel Fashion Podcast Mondays at 12:00pm


Unravel podcast

Started by fashion scholar Jasmine Helm and textile conservator Dana Goodin in 2015 as a means to fill a gap in the canon and lexicon of fashion. We want to educate the public about the importance of fashion in history and daily life, inspire conversation and discussion within our digital platforms. With these concepts in mind Helm and Goodin brought on fashion and history scholar Joy Davis. Unravel continues create more accessible content for listeners and readers. Our goal is to: 1) Collaborate with experts, in their field, to expand the conversation, 2) Speak beyond the canon of traditional fashion media and history, 3) Be on the “frontline” of solidifying fashion history as a serious subject to study and learn. Our purpose is to be a conduit for understanding fashion and its place in the world in the past as well as the present.

Dana is a host and researcher for Unravel Podcast. She works as a fashion and textile conservator and archivist. As an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation (Numunu), she is committed to researching, communicating and preserving the material culture of ignored and systematically underrepresented communities. Unable to focus on one thing, she is currently researching Comanche fashion and media history, reality tv and fashion, and new developments in textile conservation wet-cleaning solutions.

Jasmine is a host and Unravel’s resident amateur sound engineer. She grew up in La Puente, CA and New York City and has studied fine art, art history, fashion and museum studies on both coasts. Jasmine has also worked as curator and archivist in Los Angeles and New York. She is passionate about exploring the cross-cultural intersections between history, art, material culture, fashion, and people. Her current research focuses on the dress and textile culture of the Afro-Indigenous groups in the Bluefields coastal region of Nicaragua. .

Joy Davis is the host and producer for Unravel Podcast. She writes about subject matter that is underdeveloped in academia and with the public. Her work transcends many fields of study which includes: fashion, history, art, media, and performance among people of color through history. She is owns the art gallery Waller Gallery in Baltimore, MD that focuses on artists of color. Her current research focuses on fashion and race analysis in Spanish colonial paintings. She splits her time in the Baltimore/DMV area and New York City.

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