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We are almost ready in launching our new media apps for Eyekon Radio. Currently beta testing our Android and IOS apps as well as several other apps that we will be releasing sometime soon in the near future.

“It may as appear as if things are currently silent in the technology aspect of Eyekon Radio but it’s far from that.” states program director Will Pritchard. “We have new shows that we will be releasing soon as well as working with our developers in integrating scalability with all our apps as we grow. We even teamed up with several publisher and media outlets in playing talented underground artists that definitely needs the spotlight. We will definitely keep you posted on this”


Eyekon Radio is an integrated digital platform where consumers discover and connect live with the Eyekon Radio portfolio of premium, curated content. Eyekon Radio offers 24/7 access through the Eyekon Radio mobile apps, website and the soon to be releases of several other audio apps.

Eyekon Radio
Eyekon Radio
Southern California's #1 Streaming Radio platform from the streets of Southern Cali and beyond. Playing yesterdays and todays hits while spotlighting unsigned local artists from all genres.


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